Which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in?

Which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in

The cryptocurrency had successfully created a stir globally since the first time it came to be known.

Despite the mysterious halo around the word cryptocurrency, it had only flourished and captivated public interest through the last decade.

Many profitable commodities like gold are left way behind than the cryptocurrency – after the pandemic hit the globe.

This is why plenty of investors on the globe have shifted their loyalties towards the cryptocurrency market instead of traditional investment ways.

Since everyone is shifting to cryptocurrency, you might also have been struggling to decide whether to invest in cryptocurrency or not.

If you want to make your debut in the cryptocurrency market and have been wondering which cryptocurrency you should invest in, read this article to get acquainted with popular cryptocurrencies you can invest in.

Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest

Here are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to come into the market. It has remained the most famous one even after the emergence of other cryptocurrency brands in the market.

Investors prefer to invest in Bitcoin more than any other cryptocurrency. Bitcoin makes two-third of the cryptocurrency market although it is also the most volatile one.

As it was a hit in 2017, crashed in 2018, and then again hit in 2020. But this hasn’t affected investors from trusting and investing in Bitcoin.

The benefits of Bitcoin are substantial to ignore the risks associated with it. Because it is a secure way to transfer money and those who want to keep or transfer their amount without a mediary party can make use of this for the best.

Investors have full control over their money, unlike investing money with the government or a bank.

Many globally recognized companies have acquired Bitcoin as their payment solution for paying international clients.

It liberates the companies from transaction charges and lets them keep complete track of their money.

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Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance coin or BNB was launched quite in the recent years as of 2017. BNB was first launched on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token.

It is regulated by the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world – Binance Exchange.

BNB gained popularity in 2021 and its price increased by 300%. The cryptocurrency maesters believe that BNB’s value will keep going and soon surpass Bitcoin.

But Bitcoin will remain as popular as before and Binance coin would be the top one among leading cryptocurrencies given the cryptocurrency trade maintains to keep rising.

Another appealing bit about Binance coin is that it offers a discount to those who pay by Binance exchange.

Investors get a 25% discount by paying with Binance coin and that discount was 50% in 2017. This tells us that the Binance coin is more like a utility coin and discount coupon.

Logic indicates that the discount would keep on lowering in the coming years. This means that the Binance coin may lose its investors’ interest in it unless the Binance exchange devises some other alluring offer for the investors.

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Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the second to Bitcoin in popularity. Founded in 2014, it gained great popularity only in six years.

Since then, its prices have only been rising up and beyond, taking up a large chunk of the market cap.

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is also a decentralized and blockchain technology-based platform.

Ethereum runs on its cryptocurrency called Ether which is saved in a digital wallet known as Ethereum Wallet.

Ethereum transactions are known the fastest as money can be transferred within just 15 seconds.

Besides, Ethereum is known to be the most liquid cryptocurrency which ensures that you will always find a buyer whenever you need to sell.

Ethereum price has upped by 600% last year and its market cap has risen afresh in 2021 as well.

If you’re looking to invest in a cryptocurrency with a stable market and promising return on investment, Ethereum is the best option to go for.

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Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin holds a comical history to it, as it was started off as a mere joke after a mem based on the dog.

Then it gained brisk fame and people boldly adopted Dogecoin to make quick transactions from one exchange to another.

Dogecoin has been repeatedly mentioned in Elon Musk’s tweets which has only boosted public curiosity.

Dogecoin keeps falling and rising in price as other cryptocurrencies do. Investors have shown faith in Dogecoin making it famous and trustworthy to invest in.

It is expected to remain in the top 10 cryptocurrencies with a great market cap. Thus, investing in Dogecoin is a reliable option.

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Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin was first launched in 2011 but couldn’t make a hit like Bitcoin. Although, later it secured a significant market cap and in terms of market capitalization, Litecoin is counted in the top 10 cryptocurrencies of the world.

Retaining its position in the top 10 cryptocurrencies, Litecoin is considered a promising cryptocurrency to invest in currently and in coming years as well.

Litecoin is known for its faster transactions – even faster than Bitcoin. Besides, its lower fees, huge profits, and continued top position are a few to name characteristics of Litecoin that intrigue investors to stick to Litecoin.

Its scarce availability also plays a strong role to escalate the interest among investors. However, the fluctuations in Litecoin prices may give you a daunting experience.

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Final Take

Cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology to ensure safe transactions though there still have been a few cases of account hacking in previous years.

A peculiar characteristic of cryptocurrency is that it is decentralized which means there’s no entity regulating the money and if you’re locked out of your digital wallet, you have no one to turn to for help.

Where the global pandemic has changed several ways of doing things, it has affected the global economy as well.

People have now more openly accepted the notion of digital money as all the systems are shifting to virtual platforms.

However, don’t just jump on to make a cryptocurrency investment just because everyone around you is doing this.

Instead, do your research and understand the mechanism before making a decision. Because many newbies lose their money in this business just out of inexperience blended with a naïve desire to make scrupulous money.

If you really want to make some good money with cryptocurrency, you better test the waters first by making a small investment and see how it works for you.

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