Best Portable Record Player Buyer Guide

Portable Record Player

A new buzz about portable record players might have caught you as well. Wondering why? – It’s the vinyl records coming into fashion once again.

A novel thrill of collecting vinyl records is invisibly emerging among music lovers. This has put portable record players in demand.

The portable record players are often also known as suitcase turntables. Because they look like a mini suitcase and the size serves best for carrying them around easily.

The market has a lot of portable record players to offer, each one claiming the ‘best portable record player.’

If you need to buy the best portable record players for your stack of vinyl, it’s better to have a little know-how about important features.

Reading this article will render you the knowledge of features in the best portable record player.

Portable Record Player
Pyle Bluetooth Suitcase Record Player
Item Weight: 21.6 pounds USB port: Yes
Speakers: Yes
Speeds: 33/45/78rpm
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Portable Record Player
Crosley Discovery Portable Record Player
Item Weight: 5.5 Pounds
Product Dimensions: 12 x 15.5 x 4.25 inches
Speeds: 33/45/78rpm
Speakers: Yes
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Portable Record Player
Victrola Vintage Suitcase Portable Record Player
Item Weight: 2.69 Pounds
Product Dimensions: 35.31 x 25.65 x 12.7 cm
Audio Wattage: 6 Watts
Speeds: 33/45/78 rpm
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Portable Record Player
Numark PT01 Portable Record Player
Dimensions: 11.9 x 11.9 x 4 inches
Weight: 4.4 pounds
Speeds: 33/45/78rpm
Speakers: Yes
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Portable Record Player
ION Mustang LP – 4-in-1 Portable Record Player
Dimensions: 14.76 x 13.46 x 4.13 inches
Weight: 9.08 pounds
Speeds: 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM
Speakers: Yes
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Features should be in Best Portable Record Player


Portable record players are commonly available in two designs:

  • Suitcase style
  • Non-suitcase style


The first thing you must consider is portability. Two things that count for portability in a portable record player are:

  • Size
  • Weight 

A lightweight and small-sized record player is easier to move, pick, carry, and transport.

It would be a cherry on top if it is foldable with an outer handle. When it’s folded up the insides will be protected and the handle makes it carryable.

A suitcase-style portable record player usually ticks all these boxes. There are also some portable record players which are non-suitcase styled.

But they are prone to damage while transporting. This is why if you prefer effortless portability, you must go for suitcase-style ones.


When you consider the speakers even in a best portable record player, you may not need to give it too much thought. Because these portable record players don’t have an emphasized sound system.

The built-in speakers sound just fine to play music at average volume in a less-noisy room. But they aren’t appropriate for a crowded room.

RCA Outputs

If you seek better sound quality, choose the one with RCA outputs. This way you can connect with external speakers to enjoy the required sound quality.

RCA outputs can come in handy when you’re in a large place or have a massive audience to attend to.

Other Connectivity Options

If you want to play your music through other sources, look for other inputs and outputs. Such as:

  • USB port
  • SD card port
  • Headphone jack
  • Auxiliary input

Auxiliary input lets you connect your smartphone or laptop or other devices and play music with style.

Bluetooth Connectivity

If you don’t like wires and want to play your favorite beats through your portable record player – but without wires – then you must look for a Bluetooth connectivity feature as well.

You will have the freedom to roam around with your smartphone or laptop while the device’s music player is still connected to the suitcase turntable.

Speed Setting

The portable record player or you might wanna call it a suitcase turntable must have the correct speed setting with respect to the size of your vinyl records.

Usually, they are capable to spin the record discs at two different speeds:

  • 33 1/3 RPM
  • 45 RPM.
  • The speed capacity also ranges to 78 RPM.

Tonearms, Styli, and Cartridges

The tonearms, styli, and cartridges are not of the best quality in the portable record players. Thus, they can damage the grooves of the vinyl records after a certain time of use.

If you are protective about your records and want to keep them intact as long as possible, it’s better to swap the stylus and cartridge out.

Instead, connect the external speakers to play your records. If external speakers are not an option to be considered, choose a record player that comes along with a diamond-tipped stylus.

Here we have gathered some best portable record players. So that your buying quest could be less hassle!

Top 5 Portable Record Player Reviews

Here is the list of Portable records player that you should buy.

Pyle Bluetooth Suitcase Record Player

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The vintage look of this record player makes it distinguished. The front control panel adds to the vintage effect of this suitcase record player.

The design makes it exceptionally suitable for effortless transporting. You can easily digitize your vinyl records into mp3 files with the Pyle.

A pair of fold-out styled speakers have Bluetooth connectivity which lets you play your favorite music from other devices like iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, laptops, iPad, and more.

Besides, you can evade the need to connect with external speakers. These speakers have stereo functionality.

So just put on the record disc and spin it over to enjoy the beats through the built-in fold-out pair of speakers.

But if you need to enjoy music on greater volumes, you can connect with external speakers through RCA output and create the musical boom in the room. You may also connect with a headphone jack to relish a personalized musical ride.

You have extended options of speed settings in the Pyle Bluetooth Suitcase Record Player. As it can spin at three different speeds – 33, 45, and 78rpm.

Key Features

  • Item Weight: 21.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 22.75 x 15.5 x 9.75 inches
  • Connectivity: RCA, line-in, Bluetooth receiver, headphone jack
  • USB port: Yes
  • Speakers: Yes
  • Speeds: 33/45/78rpm
  • Ample connectivity options
  • Vintage design
  • Stereo speakers
  • Available in black and orange colors only

Crosley Discovery Portable Record Player

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The simple leather casing gives Crosley Discovery portable record player a perfect 70s vibe. The size is too manageable to carry around for long distances.

The design is quite straightforward so the cleaning wouldn’t a complicated task. It is available in a plenty of colors. The prices vary with the different colors. 

You can choose the color which goes well with both the budget and the rest of your musical equipment.

The built-in stereo speakers create an electric ambiance in the room when you play your music through your smartphone or other device/s. Yes, you can connect your device/s through Bluetooth or AUX-in.

Furthermore, you can amplify the sound with external speakers as well. As this record player has RCA output as well.

The headphone jack is there for you to enjoy your vinyl records all alone.It is a belt-driven turntable that spins the records at three different speeds: 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM.

Key Features

  • Item Weight: 5.5 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 15.5 x 4.25 inches
  • Speeds: 33/45/78rpm
  • Connectivity Technology: RCA, line-in, Bluetooth, headphone jack
  • Speakers: Yes
  • Looks great
  • Perfect sound
  • The lid might interact with the record

Victrola Vintage Suitcase Portable Record Player

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The Victrola Vintage is the top-rated, hence the much too popular among the global shopping websites. The design gives off a clean and classy impression.

A good broad range of 30 colors allows you extensive options. The uncomplicated design of this model is extremely easy to carry to long distances and clean too.

Built-in Bluetooth connectivity lets you play your playlist within a radius as big as 33 meters from the record player. The speakers are also built-in which are good enough to get you in the mood.

For more emphasized experience, you can connect external speakers with RCA output. AUX jack and headphone jack add to the connectivity options, making it more desirable for vinyl lovers.

Key Features

  • Item Weight  2.69 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 35.31 x 25.65 x 12.7 cm
  • Audio Wattage: 6 Watts
  • Speeds: 33/45/78rpm
  • Connectivity: RCA, line-in, Bluetooth receiver
  • Speakers: Yes
  • Compatible for all sizes
  • Various color options
  • A few complaints from customers

Numark PT01 Portable Record Player

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This model is not just for listening to the record but you can execute some more professional tasks such as record and scratch the vinyl records.

DJs and turntablists would want to get the Numark PT01 for its amazing features. A removable cover protects the player and makes it easier to take it anywhere you want.

The design lacks the vintage look but rather it sounds professional and clean. The whole body is manufactured with plastic except for the brushed aluminum faceplate.

The most rejoiced feature is that it can also run on battery power. Also, an AC adapter comes along with it. Many other models don’t offer both these things.

Although, it lacks Bluetooth connectivity feature but USB port, headphone jack, and RCA make up enough connectivity options.

Numark PT01 has a built-in speaker which is the best among the portable record players.

If one doesn’t want to compromise on sound quality, this model is going to be the ultimate answer to their specific need. Numark PT01 is a perfect pick for anybody who takes the vinyl related business as no joke.

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 11.9 x 11.9 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Speeds: 33/45/78rpm
  • Connectivity: RCA, line-in, headphone jack, USB
  • Speakers: Yes
  • Excellent speaker
  • 1-year warranty
  • Powered by batteries or AC
  • Comes along with a USB cable
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

ION Mustang LP – 4-in-1 Portable Record Player

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Those who love vintage vinyl records must also have a liking to old cars. Keeping this in consideration, Mustang LP was created.

When the lid is lifted, it looks exactly like the old Ford Mustang’s hood. The AM/FM tuner has a striking resemblance to the car’s speedometer.

The built-in speakers produce an amazing sound which is a not-so-easily-found feature in portable record players.

You may connect it with external speakers with RCA output. USB port, headphone jack, and AUX jack are the added connectivity options.

Another gloried characteristic of this vintage-cum-modern record player is that the diamond-tipped stylus doesn’t damage your vinyl records – unlike many portable record players.

However, this is not a suitcase record player. And it doesn’t have a handle. But its lightweight makes it equally portable. Mustang LP is the best portable record player to have an escalated experience with your vinyl records.

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 14.76 x 13.46 x 4.13 inches
  • Weight: 9.08 pounds
  • Speeds: 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM
  • Connectivity: RCA, line-in, Aux, headphone jack, USB
  • Speakers: Yes
  • AM/FM Radio
  • Exciting design
  • Excellent speakers
  • Radio
  • Diamond tipped stylus
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

FAQ’s of best Portable Record Players

What is the best portable record player to buy?

The best portable record player would certainly be the one that meets your requirements. Look for the features you need.

Generally, your portable record player must sound good, have a protective casing to prevent damage, have more than one connectivity option, and should be carry-able.

Pyle Bluetooth Suitcase Record Player and Victrola Vintage Suitcase Record Player are known to be the best considering the customer reviews, features, and the range of price.

Do portable record players ruin records?

Yes, they do. Because some of the portable record players have low-quality stylus. These can damage the vinyl records in the long run.

Some cheap models have styli that start wearing roughly after 40 hours of playing. That’s when they start to damage the vinyl records.

Choose the diamond-tipped stylus if you want to keep & enjoy your vinyl records for long.

Is Crosley better than Victrola?

In the wake of two models we have covered in this article – Victrola has got to win here. Because it is best-reviewed for its speakers quality.

Plus, it’s one step ahead of Crosley because the Crosley model’s lid doesn’t open at 90 degrees and interact with the record disc.

Are portable turntables any good?

The portable record players allow you to go out and about with your all-in-one small-sized record player.

But if you speak of sound quality, most portable record players are not so good. You can choose only one at a time, ‘portability’ or ‘quality.’

But don’t forget, you can always connect your portable record player with external speakers. So, think of the brighter side. Here’s another plus point – they’re inexpensive.


Speaking of the best portable record players, the suitcase-styled record players are proved best. The handle, the size, and the weight – all count for making them the most portable and popular.

They give you an easy peasy condition of ‘pack up & let’s go’. You only have to shut the lid and you’re all ready to go your way.

Be very clear about one thing, you are not going to enjoy the hi-fi sound quality with portable record players. Well, connecting it to an external speaker can grant your wish by all means.

You have to accept them for what they’re; portable, economical, and a smart solution to enjoy your vinyl collection in incredible places.

If you want to know more information about portable devices then check other blog posts on our website.