Final Fantasy XIV soon will come on PlayStation 5

Final Fantasy XIV

First, this game was released in 2010. From the start, it is a very controversial game. But this game faced a lot of criticism from the fans. The creators of this game had to end this game after some time by shutting down the servers. After that, this game is again launched in 2013 named Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. This game is also available on PlayStation 4, PC, and MAC.

Press Release

According to the press release by the developers of this company, this game is going to release on PlayStation 5 by the name of Final Fantasy XIV Online. They are releasing the beta version of this game on April 13, 2021. Currently, this game has more than 20 million registered users.

The company also released the trailer of this game on YouTube.

Credits: Final Fantasy XIV and PlayStation

The company said that if you are playing this game on PS4 then you can enjoy this beta version free of cost. They are doing a lot of improvements and adding a lot of features to this game. They are making better frame rates in this as well. This game will also load faster as compared to the previous version of the game. This game will come in a 4K resolution.

There are many features in this upcoming Final Fantasy XIV online beta version. They are also adding an expansion pack to this game named as EndWalker. They are also adding more gears in the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. Developers are adding new threats and a new mission in the game. Crafting Recipes are also added to the game.

This game will run on PlayStation 5 in 4K resolution which is a piece of great news for the fans. You can play this game online on PlayStation 5 free of cost if you are already a registered user on PS4.

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