How Does the Record Player Work?

How Does the Record Player Work?

Is there anyone who is even concerned about the way how does the record player work?

You turning on the record and it plays. This is what it is to most people. Most people make uses of TVs or other appliances without knowing the actual way it works.

However, when the point is about the record player, then it’s different. There are particular components on a record player that greatly affect the final sound output the player gives.

If you know the exact way a record player work then you know the component that is highly impactful on the quality of sound. This means that the components needed to get upgraded first to achieve higher sound quality.

Yes, there is no one around who changes or upgrades certain components of their microwaves or TV’s but this is a common thing for a turntable.

So in this article, you will understand how each of the components in the turntable work to ending up with a beautiful sound.

History of the Record Player

In the late 19th century the phonograph got invented by Thomas Edison, which is the base of all modern record players.

Even though the phonograph has a different look than the turntables of today’s world, but the principle it is based on is the same that is the sound vibration.

Edison already has an idea that all sound is vibration so he tried recording it into a physical medium. And he believed that the vibrations could get reproduced from the recordings.

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After the first phonograph invention, the record player history gets interesting as everything improved from the basic design to the quality of sound. The sound lovers want to enjoy it for since long!

Now we have a record player with a lot of great features that include FM/AM radio, Bluetooth technology, cassette players, and a lot more.

Now coming towards the actual topic of this write, how does the record player work?

Working of the Record Player

It has some main parts. Indeed, there are a few main parts that made up the record player. That is;

  • Needle
  • Tonearm
  • Turntable

At the point of starting, Edison made use of a metal cylinder but now the turntable has a rotating platter that is wholly flat in shape. The older version of the turntable gets drives by a belt that includes a small motor that moves a series of gears attached in the middle of the belt or a platter to make it rotate.

This design is still getting used in certain models today. This method makes the record player to starting slowly and gradually speed up the sound. Once it gets switched, the design also causes the turntable to grind to a halt.

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Modern Components of the Record Player

These days’ models are direct drive, which means they are directly powered for the inclusion of using electromagnets. These electromagnets are liable to get on and off pretty quickly and easily.

Right at the centre of the platter, there is a bearing that allows consistent rotation without causing any vibration or friction.

There are platters for several different things like platters for spinning on ball bearing, platters resting for tapered spindle, and platters for floating on an oil layer.

Apart from this, there is cheap kind of platters too that are made from plastic and mostly do not have bearing included.

In that kind, the platter gets to rest at the bottom portion of the spindle and depends on the friction that is caused between the metal and plastic. The produced friction is quite low that the drive system can easily cope up with it.

The tonearm of the record player gets fixed to the bottom base and gets extended all over the surface of the record player. For precision, if you want to raise or lower the tonearm then simply make use of a lever. Although, you can also place that on the record manually.

At the end of the tonearm, there is a needle and it is what makes contact with the vinyl to read the sound information recorded in the grooves of the record player. As the needle passes over the record grooves begin working for creating again the sound that gets etched the grooves.

Upgraded Design of Stylus

Several years back, the needle makes use of a tip made from a crystal that is for generating a charge as it gets compressed. The charge was amplified for the reproduction of the audible recording.

Then in the 1950s, the crystal made stylus got replaced with a ceramic stylus version and ends up giving smoother sound with less resistance in the grooves. This is what further results in less skipping.

Nowadays, the needles are made from diamond. The needle tip gets connected to an electromagnetic coil that is quite the same as the guitar pickup.

The movements in the stylus made up a fluctuation in the electromagnetic field inducing a charge in the coil. After the amplification, the charge changes into a reproduction of the recording that is original.

Options of Drive System

It is clear that to make it in rotation, the platter is holding a drive system. The drive is not with the full power of motion. It is slow unless the turntable is going to work with practical functioning.

The older ones are with a type of special jockey wheel. So, if the music lover is seeking a specific model then it is ideal to do the chore with a belt-driven system. The connection is strong between the music player and the recording system. They work in linkage and manage the shaft display.

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The motor of the record player is unique. It is important in functioning because it has the use of vibrations in between. These may enhance the interest level of the user in playback tones. This feature is an essential one.

Here, if the user may improve the working efficiency by involving the role of DC motors. The idea is fabulous as it may make the vibrations to an average speed. The top quality recorders may come up with this trendier feature.

The lower power turntables are also ideal as they are looking for fabulous drive motors. They have a platter that is rotating with the frame of magnets. These may keep the alignment f motor while rotating.

They are adjusted and aligned in a ring. The ring is good as it adds to the rotor with a magnet setting feature. The direct drive is available with impacts of AC power supply. It may act like a stepper motor too. 

In comparison, the drive motor is usually a rotor motor with magnet usage. This may involve the use of record players with fit platters. It may help the user make it run with high efficiency and balanced vibrations.

Working of Vinyl

It is created in the playback category. The category may help the user get similar vinyl record players. The working is simple as it may recreate the orders of the stylus. The passing of connected wires in the album is great!

The cutter in the album let it run very well. The blank record and the etch grooves are in full alignment so the vinyl work with the input source as soon as it is clicked. The recreate of sound occurs in the sequence.

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The vinyl looks good while applying the traditional tones. It is truly working in keeping the setup in preferable tones. The ideal size and fixing of plates are genuine in keeping the alignment of the player. So one may love it!

People May Ask Questions

The inquiry is always there. The people may seek the specific features of the player and may have some questions for the purpose. These questions are relevant in managing the best use of the player.

What is a function of Preamp?

The preamp is used for the boost on low voltage. It is an ideal working plan as it may use low voltage signals as well. The player may run with line level and the mixer is receiving the right level of mixer via the receiver.

The player can work as the skip the receiver button is there, the ideal use of power is trendy as it may keep the setup in a sequential trend. Preamp may act as a part of the sound system.

It is enhancing the focus on the receiver in the ideal mode. The support feature is helpful as it is a built-in active speaker that is available for the better performance of the speakers plus player.

Do the Record Player demands a stand?

It is not important in all case. Music lovers may take advantage of comfort if they are availing the use of a stand. The stand may benefit the space. The permanent space.

The stand is good if you choose one! It is special and it may isolate the record player in a fixed place. The floor may hold it in a better mode. The instances may demand better quality of work.

The dedicated record player needs a smart stand indeed! The role of the stand can be trendier if space is keeping the balance. The player may gain extra strength to play in the presence of a stand.

It is an essential point in consideration that the stand may be designed specifically to make it stand like normal. The role of the stand isn’t negligible as it is doing a great job in keeping the alignment o prompt vibrations.

What is the meaning of tracking weight?

The tracking weight is an essential feature that may talk about the needle balance of vinyl. It may exert extra weight upon the base. In some cases, the weight may imbalance the player.

So, keeping in view, the setup and promising alignment the ideal use of dial can show the change. It may counterweight the balance of the needle and calibrate the setup in a fixed position.

Weight tracking is important as it is going to adjust the dial in great positions. The right amount of weight balance can do wonders in maintaining the symbolic outlook of the player.

The anti-sake forces no doubt, exists. This force can be a trouble if it is going to see the amount of pressure. The pressure balance is possible by involving the use of relevant and frictionless stand track.

The amount of counteracting can initiate the level of applied force. It may counter-effect the level of weight. So, the goal is to lessen the tendency of imbalance and can be done by involving the tracking weight plan.

What are the categories of the cartridge?

The weight is divided into three categories. They are:

  1. Moving magnet
  2. Moving magnet
  3. Ceramic

They are equipped with magnets the ceramic is found to be best with the use of relevant players setting and lower prices player parts. The moving roles are ideal in moderate settings.

The additional outlook of the moderate-priced models is cool as they are liked for the option of affordability. The trendier design is promising in keeping the real music lovers in preference.

All the categories are according to the choice of users. The people who want to pay more can prefer high-priced ones with a huge number of features while those who are not interested in extraordinary features can go for the simple one!


All the components of the players are awesome! One may not ignore the beauty and outlook of the direct and positive trends in the components of the player.

It is essential that the quality of sound is going to have a positive impact. It is making sound features unique and trendier. The ideal use of players is going to make you remember the past times.

The cool outlook can be upgradeable in this regard. If you are seeking the best record player then no doubt, you are at the right place. The awesome product is available with trendy and reliable features.

If you want to know more about record players check other blog posts on our website.