How To Claim Nord VPN Free 30-Day Trial 2021

Nord VPN free
Nord VPN free

Why You Should Use Nord VPN

Nord VPN has great security, is reliable, and tons of features. These few factors make Nord VPN rated as the world’s #1 VPN. However getting the best services for free is always life-changing, right?

Read more to find out how you can get your 30-Day Free Trial…

Quickly Getting Money Back

Currently, Nord VPN does not have any free trials; however, it does have a 30-day money-back guarantee. This can be used as a free trial to properly test the Nord VPN. This can act as a Nord VPN Free Trial.

Simply Buy Nord VPN, use it for 30 days, and then cancel your subscription. Upon cancelling ask for a refund and there you used Nord VPN for free. A quick and summarized method is listed below:

  • Create your Nord VPN account
  • Connect to a server and start testing Nord VPN
  • after 30 days, cancel your subscription and get your money back.

This is how you can get Nord VPN free full version.

Detailed Setup

If you are still having issues in setting up a Nord VPN Free trial here is a more detailed guide.

  1. Visit the web site and click the start now button.
  2. Choose the length of the subscription you want; in this case, it will be 30 days. Create your account and fill in all the details required
  3. In your inbox, an email should arrive, which allows you to download the app. Upon clicking this app, it will take you down to NordVPN.
  4. When you downloaded the app, you will see many different options bases on your device. Click on the respective device and then start downloading. Downloading will start automatically upon clicking.
  5. After Installation launch Nord VPN and using the quick connect button, Nord VPN will find you the best server
  6. Enjoy the next 30 days and make sure to check every single feature of this VPN.

After you have tried and tested the Nord VPN free full version you can decide what to do next, you can either decide to continue using Nord VPN or get a refund. Upon getting a refund, it is just like you used Nord VPN for free.

Getting a Refund

After the 30 days are over if you decide to get a refund, it is quite easy. There are some simple steps that you need to take to get your refund within a week.

  1. Before 30 days expires, launch the 24/7 chat option and request a refund.
  2. Talk to the chatbot and explain that you want a refund. You will also have to provide how you paid. The bot will transfer you to a live agent
  3. You will then have to explain to the agent why you want a refund.
  4. After the agent activates your refund request, it should arrive within 1-2 weeks.

These are the easy steps to virtually get a free version of Nord VPN.

Are Free Trials Better or Money-Back Guarantee?

Oftentimes companies either have a free trial available or a money-back guarantee option. Both have their own pros and cons lets take a look at each of them.

Free Trials

Free Trials are usually lasting one to seven days. It allows you to test certain features without any cost. It is less of a hassle as compared to a money-back guarantee, and there is no worry with a free trial. Almost anyone can use a free trial without the fear of accidentally paying.

However, free trials are often limited as compared to money-back guarantees. VPNs specifically have no-logs policies for only premium users. This means that free trials may not be as secure as it should be. Free trials are also often not long enough to properly check it.

Money-Back Guarantee

Money-back guarantees usually last one month. Credit card information must also be given remembering to ask for your money back can also be annoying.

However, there are no limits to the package. All the features of the VPN can be used without any restrictions. One month is enough time to properly check out every feature as well. With the money-back guarantee, you can access every site and completely check out the VPN.

Why Should I Use Nord VPN

We have tried many VPNs to date, and we can conclusively state that Nord VPN is the best. It has many amazing features that just are not found in other VPNs. Some examples are

  • Amazing unblocking power
  • Extremely fast speeds
  • Many premium features

The speed of Nord VPN is also brilliant. It does not affect your Internet speeds that much at all. An example being that sending data over 5000 miles and being encrypted only accounted for a 10% loss in speed.

When Streaming content, the quality was impeccable, and many restricted websites became unblocked with Nord VPN’s Servers. There was no buffering or lag when we streamed from the more famous streaming sites such as:

  • Netflix
  • Disney Plus
  • Hulu
  • Crunchyroll

Keep in mind this was all during the money-back guarantee period. We did not have the premium version yet. It was incredible for gaming and online games. Nord VPN, along with devices, can also be installed on your router, which will allow all your family members to use it.

Nord VPN also has built-in features, which prevent any chance of data leaking online. They have a kill switch and DNS leak protection, which ensures that no data is leaked. All in all, we were extremely pleased with Nord VPN’s service.


As you have read above, it is extremely easy to get a free trial via a money-back guarantee virtually. You simply need to enter your credentials and within 30 days just request for a refund. There are live agents available at all times, which will help you in any query you may have. We hope you do try Nord VPN as it is an extremely useful VPN to hide your information from prying eyes.