The Controversy of Twitch Streamer MissQGemini

The Controversy of Twitch Streamer MissQGemini

Avid fans of the streaming app Twitch love to have the know-how on gamers. Twitch is the perfect platform for gaming enthusiasts.

If you are a simple fan of games or truly enjoy watching Esports, Twitch is the perfect platform for you. There are many gamers that you can watch, and almost every game has a creator.

MissQGemini is one such creator who was incredibly popular on Twitch. During her peak, she was one of the most popular streamers on the platform. She is still one of the best twitch streamers in the world. Twitch platform has given the huge popularity to the MissQGemini. But you know times turns around in seconds when you do unfair things in front of your fans.

This all changed when she was accused of cheating on the games she played. Cheating isn’t a crime at all; however, it can ruin one’s credibility, especially gamers.

Naturally, MissQGemini protected herself and strongly fought against these accusations. Let us look into the complete story of what happened, how she responded, and the current situation.

Why was there Controversy?

Swindling is when you are being deceived for money or possession, or it can be referred to as a fraudulent scheme. Keeping this definition in mind, swindling somebody is entirely immoral and wrong.

Many states such as CS and GO have caught individuals who were known to cheat. MissQGemini had been acquired for swindling on a seemingly casual conversation.

During one of her live streams, MissQGemini complained about how she is only being blamed for cheating because she’s a female. According to her most of the Twitch streamers do cheating, but no one blames them. She is being blame as she’s a female.

When a viewer of her stream submitted a question about said cheating, she ignored the question and continues playing.

On Twitch, there is also an option to record the streams. In one of these recorded streams, it was seen that she could see players on the opposite side of the dividers. Normally, this is not the case, which caused suspicion in viewers.

She continued to stream and play, eventually understanding that others are watching her. She tries to play it off, claiming that this was a glitch. She tries to find out if this is a known glitch.

Her Initial Response

In addition to asking the chat if this was a known glitch, she claims that her companion Rock had this glitch, and now she is likely experiencing it.

After giving this idea, she also decided to accuse her friend Clara. Clara was already once prohibited before due to swindles, and MissQGemini claimed that Clara was using her PC before that day.

She is protecting herself by accusing her friend Claura and putting blame on glitches. But no one is believing her statements as everyone knows that she did cheating.


She was panicking as she continues blaming other companions and creating false reasons. She continued accusing her friends, making new hypotheses, and claiming these were glitches.

However, people saw through her, and she was caught red-handed. MissQGemini response to cheating was not ideal in any way.

As a result, she closes her stream and removes her record from the game. She was not seen again on the stream, and many individuals discussed her actions and called her a con artist.

Getting Banned

After these events, she was VAC prohibited; you would think that Twitch would boycott her after these actions.

However, this did not occur. After retaliation by the masses, MQG also shut her record down.

It is important to note that Twitch never did restrict her. Her Twitter account was also made private, and she seemingly vanished from the streaming community.

Her Next Endeavour

Shortly after this situation, it only took one week before she came back with a new name. She changed her record with the name The Djinn.

She agreed to the Twitch Bombs segment and was prohibited for a day. She continues to play.

However, there are some changes. People cannot search for her old username instead of searching for MissQGemini’s new Twitch name.

She couldn’t stream like she was able to do and her new account was inaccessible.

Changing Platforms

MissQGemini realized that Twitch wasn’t as lucrative as it used to be; thus, she had to change her platform. She has vanished completely from Twitch due to the cheating scandal.

However, she remains a figure online. MissQGemini is also known as Haley Germaine, also made a YouTube channel.

She records gaming and currently does not have many followers as of writing this article; she only has 34 followers on her YouTube channel. Thus, it is safe to assume it is not very successful for her. On YouTube it is very hard to get subscribers. You have to provide quality content according to the YouTube rules.

In terms of strictness, Youtube rules are much strict as compared to Twitch. There are many people on YouTube who do online streaming of games and they are very famous. So, MissQGemini has to work a lot in order to get more followers.

How can She Fix the Situation?

Whenever an Internet personality messes up, is caught cheating, or has any scandal, the natural response is to apologize. Instead of avoiding the issue, it is always better to apologize immediately.

Without a sorry or statement of regret, it is not possible to reemerge into that space. Without apologizing, she cannot continue earning a living by playing video games.

Swindling anybody can greatly harm your character, and it is better not to present yourself as a saint. If you are caught red-handed, this may lead to the destruction of your reputation.

It seems that Haley is still not apologizing and trying to state that she was biting the dust of malignant growth.

It is in her best interest to apologize publicly to her fan base; only then may she have a chance to return to gaming.


Oftentimes people go to great lengths to be the best in a particular field. That may be done by practicing or, in some instances, by cheating. Nobody can drive you to accomplish something unless you want it.

This is why we can assume that Clara did not cause MissQGemini to cheat; it was her personal decision.

Cheating can completely ruin one’s reputation and can cause you to get banned from platforms. Lives can be ruined, and it is always better not to cheat as it is never worth the risk.

Once you are labeled a cheater, your reputation can never go back to where it once was. It is essential to learn from every story, and the same applies here.

Gain insight from others and learn from the mistakes of other people.. Don’t make the same mistakes others did.

Remember Don’t cheat ever in your life!

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