What is the trial post limit on Tumblr, and why does it exist?


Tumblr is one of the major blogging and social media tools in the world. What sets Tumblr apart from other websites is giving its users the freedom to customize their own “tumblelog” heavily. Photos, videos, audios and much more can be published there. It is a place where people express themselves and bond over the stuff they love.

However, there are many restrictions over what you can and cannot put on your page. So, the question then arises: Why is there a limit on sharing fun content in the first place?

Well, first, it is important to understand what exactly is the trial post limit of Tumblr.

Explaining the trial post limit on Tumblr

One of the highly disliked limitations set by Tumblr’s developers is those on the number of posts. More specifically, the amount of posts you can share with your blog daily is well defined.

Although information about some of these rules is available on Tumblr’s Help page, not all the regulations are officially public. Let us take a look at the details of the Tumblr post limit per day:

  • Limits of Texts: The trial post limit on Tumblr of text or normal posts have been set to 100 posts daily. You will receive an error pop-up if you try to exceed this limit. Majority of Tumblr users face this issue, with the only silver lining being that there is no limit on the number of characters used.
  • Limits of Photos: Generally, it is allowed to post from 75 to 150 photos per day, depending on Tumblr’s version. The photos have to be 500 x 750-pixel size to be viewed properly. Pictures of a much larger size than this will be viewed in a lightbox when clicked.
  • Limits of GIFs: GIFs are the main feature of Tumblr. Their number is also included in the daily post limit. GIFs have to be between the size of 1 to 1.75 MB to show the intended animation. Uploading a file greater than 2MB converts it into a still image showing only the initial frame.
  • Limits on Tags: Tags are a way to search and discover new content. Even if someone does not pass the daily post limit, only five of all the tags can be searched from the dashboard.


Most of the users turn to reblogging rather than creating their own writing or art-work as it is quicker and easier. It is possible to reblog up to 250 times a day and no more.

These numbers apply to the total posts of both primary and secondary blogs owned by a person. There are also other related limitations on the type of posts you can make.

A follow limit has been imposed on users, where you can follow around 5000 blogs per day. This restriction, however, is arguably one of the more reasonable ones.

Why is there a Tumblr post limit?

The most reasonable answer is, so the followers don’t get overwhelmed by too many posts per day. A limit on daily posts was necessary to make sure that users can view and enjoy all the available content of blogs they follow, within their free time.

It also helps make the Tumblr servers run more smoothly and efficiently. If there was too much load on the website, it would crash, and users would be left disconnected and unhappy with the platform.

Such a technical mistake, along with the arrival of rival apps like Instagram, could lead to the decline of Tumblr.

How to bypass the Tumblr post limit?

Of course, there are solutions to the above-mentioned problems. These can help improve the quality and quantity of all kinds of posts on Tumblr.

They can also help avoid useless stress and complaints from blog owners, making the jobs of maintenance and helpline crew easier as well.

Post Limit Reset Time

The post limit of Tumblr per day resets at 12 midnight Eastern Time. Having exceeded the limit, you can simply wait for that time before posting again. To crisscross how many posts you have left, just type your Tumblr username in the online tool Post Limit Checker.

Posts can also be queued for the following day. You can queue up to 300 posts at a time with 50 being released per day for the next few days. This is useful if you cannot actively manage your blog for a while because you have to go away somewhere.

If you have reached the queue limit, then simply save your posts as drafts to prevent losing them.

Other Techniques to Bypass Tumblr

Another bypass, discovered by users of the app, is to change the time set on your device according to the world clock. The closer it is set to midnight ET, the sooner you can post again. At most, people have had to wait only about an hour for this method to work.

  • Bypassing Pictures: For pictures, although the maximum size allowed is 1280 x 1290 pixels, it is better to upload them in the recommended size of 500 x 750 pixels. Photos with sizes within these ranges can all easily be posted.
  • Bypassing GIFS: GIFs should be kept under the size limit of 1.75MB and at a display of 500x pixels for them to load properly. It is advised to try saving them in drafts and checking if the animation loads if it doesn’t then reduce the file size.

  • Bypassing Tags For: tags, it is better to be wise while selecting the best five tags to describe your post’s theme. It is also recommended to use the new, updated version of Tumblr whose search bar has the sixth tag as a searchable option.

If you have Security Concerns

If you have privacy issues, you can post content on secondary blogs instead of the primary one. Not only are these password-protected, but you can also make your posts hidden from the public. In addition, more than one author can contribute to your posts.

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