What is WhatsApp Privacy? Clarifies And Concerns

The popular messaging app “WhatsApp” announced a new privacy policy that would come into effect from February 8.

This policy has received considerable flak from all over the world regarding WhatsApp privacy concerns in 2021.

Many have WhatsApp privacy concerns and WhatsApp concerns in general. In response to these concerns, WhatsApp has released a statement clarifying the new policy and answering many important questions.

WhatsApp stated that the new update would not in any way affect the privacy of your messages.

Regarding the WhatsApp safety concerns, provided more transparencyand how they use and collect data.

Does WhatsApp Read My Messages?

According to a statement released to explain WhatsApp privacy issues; They stated that WhatsApp and its parent company Facebook couldn’t read any messages or hear any calls you make with your friends and family.

They state that all your messages are safe due to their end-to-end encryption and cannot be seen by anyone else.

These WhatsApp, Facebook privacy concerns were also addressed, stating that groups are private and are not shared with Facebook for ad purposes.

WhatsApp stated that messaging with friends and family will not be affected; messaging related to business will be shared.

They are giving businesses the option to use secure services from Facebook to manage chats with their customers.

WhatsApp stated that if you communicate with any business, WhatsApp can see those messages and may use it for marketing purposes.

However, they also state they will label those conversations used.

What Does WhatsApp Collect?

In the new press statement, WhatsApp does answering some questions regarding their new policy. However, they did not address any information they will collect.

These were some of the WhatsApp security issues in 2019 and WhatsApp security issues in 2020. WhatsApp does collect some types of information automatically, and most of this information is automatically shared with Facebook.

It shares user activity, how often WhatsApp is used, the features you use, profile picture, and ‘about’ information.

In addition to this information, WhatsApp also collects device-level information. This means your device’s information being used for WhatsApp is also collected, your mobile network, and your IP address.

WhatsApp also collects the location information when GPS is on, and even when GPS is off, WhatsApp uses area codes to estimate your location.

WhatsApp does state, though, that when you share your location, that is protected by end-to-end encryption.

If you use the service WhatsApp pay, WhatsApp collects all the information required to do the transaction.

The payment method, shipping details, and amount are all collected. This information is then sent to Facebook, which helps Facebook personalize ads for you.

Addressing Some Rumors

Currently, many rumors are circulating on the Internet regarding the privacy policy of WhatsApp. WhatsApp has taken the time to answer some of the more prominent rumors.

  • Messages, WhatsApp has stated that WhatsApp read any of your messages and the same applied to Facebook under no circumstance.
  • Due to end-to-end encryption, all of your data is secure, and this security will never be weakened. They further stated that any chat collected is labeled so.
  • Shared contacts and logs, WhatsApp has stated that none of the logs are kept as they deem it a privacy and security risk.
  • WhatsApp also stated that none of the contacts of the users are shared with Facebook or any other app related to Facebook.
  • Data being downloaded, Many users are worried about all the data that can be downloaded from the app; simply go to your account in settings, hit request account info, and request a report. In 3 days, a report is generated.

Business Accounts on WhatsApp

In the new policy, slated to be effective on February 8, most of the changes are related to business accounts on WhatsApp.

According to their statement, if a user communicates with a business’ WhatsApp account, WhatsApp may use that information for marketing purposes.

These marketing purposes may include advertising on its parent company, Facebook.

The reason for this being that large businesses need hosting services for proper communication.

This is why now Facebook is offering these secure services in the form of WhatsApp. Through these chats, customers can ask questions and receive purchase receipts.

WhatsApp also stated that when Facebook acts as the provider, the messages it processes would only be used on the behest of the business, as this is industry standard practice.

Facebook, in no circumstance, will not automatically use your messages to develop personalized ads. The blog reiterates the fact that due to end-to-end encryption, no company can see your chats.


The new privacy policy, which is set to be introduced on February 8, will not affect most WhatsApp users, according to their statement.

There are no WhatsApp issues now, WhatsApp issues today, or any WhatsApp hacking issues. The changes will mainly affect any relation to business accounts of WhatsApp.

Their data may be used and sent to Facebook to form personalized ads; this will also provide businesses a safe communication with their customers.

WhatsApp head stated that they are committed to this technology and defending it globally.

If you want to know more uinformation about whatsapp then check other posts on our website.

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