What we do

Techy Ice is a brand new venture meant to bring the audience genuine and unbiased opinions and reviews about all tech kinds. We are living in a world where technology is the present and the future. It makes our lives more comfortable and exciting and keeps everyone connected, making this world so small and within reach. Today, everything is possible. And there are millions of options to choose from. 

Techy Ice uses this opportunity to bring you the newest and the coolest products topping the trends that you never thought you needed. We are here to show you what is worth your time and money. We will tell you about the exciting new features that keep being introduced in this fast-paced world. We bring our audience the most authentic and reliable reviews and news about tech to keep them informed and in the loop! With our help, you can make informed decisions about life concerning technology. 

Our audience does not have to be an expert; this is what we are here for! With our reviews, we will make sure you feel like one. We don’t just bring you information about the trending technology, but here you will also find out more about how those products are making a difference. We want to tell the real stories that intrigue you and give meaning to these products. We want to touch every creation and innovation occurring with every passing minute and tell you all about it! 

About the Founder

Faizan Ali Qureshi founded Techy Ice in September 2020. The founder of this technology publishing website is a tech lover. He has had years of experience testing out the tech in trend and learns more about different types of products. He had developed this love for tech and his knowledge from his years of experience. This led him to start his venture, where he wants to help the audience make wise and informed decisions, all while having fun reviewing different kinds of tech. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to bring forth all the trending technology and break it down for our audience in a simple and unbiased ways so they can get their hands on, learn and find out exciting things about the tech products they are interested in. 

We are progressing really fast and becoming more and more digital every day. The competition in the tech world is bone-breaking. You are surrounded by a million options and brands when technology is concerned. Everyone in business strives to bring newer and more exciting features that take entertainment to a whole new level and make our lives easier and better. In a world like this, we are here for you. With our expert help, our audience will learn more about trending technology without spending their own money on it first. 

We want to establish a relationship of trust and reliability between us and our audience with our honest and impartial opinions about the latest tech. To achieve this goal, we conduct thorough research to frame a detailed and honest review covering each part of the products. At Techy Ice, you will find out what is overrated, what deserves more attention, what’s new, and a lot more!

Our team

Techy Ice works with a bunch of fun-loving individuals who also love tech. Our writers are professionals who use their remarkable skills to explain a tech product’s features in simple words, so our reviews are reached and understood by a wide range of audiences. They conduct extensive research, which helps them find out more about trends and what the users want to see and read about more. They understand the needs, demands, and desires of different audiences and bring them exactly what they are looking for.