Privacy Policy


Our users’ privacy and authenticity of our content hold the utmost importance for us at Techy Ice. We want users to be aware of our processes and how we operate here. Our privacy policy explains in detail how your login data is used on this website while we take care of your legal rights concerning privacy laws.

Security of your data

Your login details on this website are used taking care of your privacy to personalize your experience for maximum benefits for you. We are continually working to make the time you spend on our website worthwhile. Our users can free themselves from any worries regarding their personal information that they enter here. Your privacy is one of our top priorities. We want this platform to be safe and beneficial for our users.

Our duty

If you choose to enter your personal information at Techy Ice, it becomes our legal duty to protect your privacy. Our system at Techy Ice is operated by expert professionals with efficient software that make sure your information is safe. Our users have the right to withdraw any information from our website, and it will no longer be used in our interests.

Our Content

The authenticity of our content makes us who we are. The posts on our website are a product of thorough research, which undergo additional reviewing to ensure originality and authenticity. Anything posted on our platform is entirely genuine, coming from authentic and trustworthy sources. We hold copyrights of the content on Techy Ice, and we strongly discourage plagiarism and unlawful stealing of our original content.

Your rights regarding your personal information

Our users can access, edit, and remove any data they have entered on our website. They can allow or deny the usage of their data for direct marketing purposes and any other processes that require permissions. We ask for our users’ consent during some processing that may require their permission. The users stop us from using any of their information by removing it from our platform. If you’re willing to implement any of the mentioned information here, feel free to contact us.

The data we collect

Here, we have mentioned the data you enter on our website that we collect for our users’ interests. We want our users to be fully aware of the information we use, so they are comfortable using Techy Ice and have a safe experience.

  1. Any information that you put in during sign-ups, logins, and subscriptions can be used. This information may include your name, your e-mail address, and your phone number.
  1. Any content in the form of photos, videos, comments that you share with us on our posts will also be included in your personal information.
  1. We use cookies on our website. These cookies help us analyze and your activities during the time you spend on Techy Ice. This information assists us to personalize your experience in a better way.
  1. We may save information about the devices you use to access our website.
  1. If you go on a third party link that you may find on our website, the third party can access some of your information indicating your visit to their website, and we may receive some commission.
  1. We can track how well our marketing strategies work through e-mail. If you receive an e-mail from us and visit our website, we will know the summary of your activity.
  • If you link your social media or any other sources to our website, we may receive and save some additional information about you.

How we process your personal information

We store some essential personal information and your browsing history on our website in the form of cookies that help us process and personalize our work. Any information about our users that we save is processed with respect to the laws that legally permit us to use the data according to GDPR. We strictly follow these laws and guidelines. We operate according to the following lawful basis given by the GDPR.

Legitimate interests

We have some admissible interests where your information helps us, which indirectly helps our users. We go forward with using data for those interests after making sure it doesn’t cause any harm or risks to the users that shared their information with us.

Your information helps us personalize your experience and work toward maintaining and improving our services for you. It allows us to analyze the usage of the content on our website. It lets our users comment on our content which also helps us recognize and avoid any possible fraudulent activity. Your data can be used for marketing and processes regarding that.

Contract performance

If we offer any services on Techy Ice that require subscription or sign-ups, we will process your information in a way that is necessary for the required action.

User Consent

Some of the information we use on Techy Ice requires your explicit consent. Without your consent, we cannot process your information and use it for our interest. This point applies to any marketing communication that we may direct toward you. You have the right to withdraw your consent whenever you want, and you will no longer receive any marketing communications from Techy Ice.

Compliance with the legal obligations

We may need to save some of your information to fulfill the legal obligations upon us and safeguard our rights and the rights of any other parties involved. Your protected information may be used for financial reasons, for example, taxes.

Sharing of your data

We may share your data with the following parties that also ensure the safety and security of your information.

  1. Agents that work for us at Techy Ice can access your data to carry out processes that require some personal information of the users. It can include management, analysis, surveys, etc.
  1. Advertisers may access your data for better and more appropriate advertisements that target different types of audiences.
  • Third parties’ links that any user might visit may share the information of the users in case of our partnership with those companies or associations.