5 Ways Parents Can Use Spy Gear

5 Ways Parents Can Use Spy Gear

Kids often complain about their parents invading their privacy. However, with a child going missing every 40 seconds, parents need to keep an eye on their children proactively.

Once you understand the threats your children are up against, you will want to be proactive in developing a surveillance plan. Keep reading to learn what kind of spy gear can help you check in on your children.

1. Surveillance Cameras

Installing security cameras inside and on the exterior of your home can dissuade intruders and criminals from entering your home. This is increasingly important if your kids are ever left home alone.

Surveillance cameras are also a tool to ensure your children don’t sneak out or break curfew. These are standard forms of home security that can help you be the best parent possible.

2. Tap Into Their Phones

Kids often spend more time buried in their phones than they do communicate with their parents. Pew Research has shown that 61% of parents browse their children’s web history. In the digital age, children are often targeted by criminals online or victims of cyberbullying.

Teenager Girl Suffering Internet Cyber

Being able to tap into your child’s phone, you can keep them physically safe and emotionally healthy. It is a core responsibility of a parent to protect their children from harm, and being able to view your child’s digital tracks allows you to do just that.

3. Limiting Screen Time

Excessive screen time is likely to cause a myriad of health issues and an unhealthy emotional attachment. Creating technology-free zones or limiting your child’s screen time can help free them from the firm grip of the digital world.

You can use technology to restrict screen time for your children. You can do this either by using parental controls or using a map of “technology-free” zones.

4. GPS Tracking

Map Gps Direction Navigation Route Travel

Many parents insist that their children share their location via phone once they start driving and participating in after-school activities. However, the younger generation has gotten too savvy.

They either shut down their location services or ditch their phone in order to keep their parents at bay. Parents should look into getting a secondary GPS tracker to put on their children’s car or keychain. If this goes undetected, it can help parents detect any attempts to mislead them.

5. Listening with Microphones

If you are considering installing these microphones in your home, you should get spy gear here. Installing a wall microphone is a great way to keep an ear on your children.

Kids often lie and keep secrets from their parents; by adding these wall mics, you can be alerted to the truth and the lies.

Use Spy Gear to Protect Your Kids

Protecting your children is your top priority as a parent. By investing in spy gear, you can ensure that your children aren’t keeping secrets and protect them from harm.

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