Best Earbuds for Small Ears

People with smaller ears know the difficulty of finding the earbuds fitting their ears and comfortable at the same time.

Several in-ear headphones are acquiring huge size ear pads that are heavy and pressure the ear.

For sure, after using it for some time, it begins causing pain, and that’s discomforting. If the headphones are too big for you, you need to adjust continuously as they will slide off, and there, it gets super annoying. 

Earbuds are a great thing to enjoy your favorite stuff. However, it only needs to be comforting. Fortunately, some slim shape earbuds can help certain people with smaller ears. 

Following this, here is a detailed guide that can help you buy some of the best earbuds for small ears.

Things You Should Consider While Buying Small Earbuds

The very first thing you should consider while buying new earphones is to check if it’s comfy or not. Your earbuds should fit you perfectly with causing no pain.

In this article, we have mentioned some great earbuds that are a suitable option for small ear people. But apart from that, there are still some things you should know and check-on while buying. 

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Take a look below to know the things you should consider while buying earbuds.

Wired or Wireless Earbuds

All praise is for apple, who removed the headphone jack on iPhones a few years back, and several manufacturers are now following this makes the people shift to wireless earbuds.

However, to choose in between wired and wireless, you need to know what you are comfortable with.

This means that are you okay to charge it daily, or you just want to plug-in your earbuds and go.

Build Quality

Getting small earbuds does not mean that you are going for something with the bad build quality. For sure, getting a new pair of earbuds means quite a significant investment, and definitely, you want that to last for years.

So several earbuds are smaller in size and have great quality that easily lasts for years. Yes, earbuds are used mostly when people are on the go or for sports, and this can result in lessening its life.

We recommend you go for the earbuds that come with a good time warranty and have metal housing and detachable cables.

This will extend the life of your headphones so you can use them easily for a good time. 


Everyone out there has a different budget for their next pair of earbuds. Some people want to buy a good quality set at a low price, and some might be willing to pay much more to get better sound quality as possible.

So, for this reason, you should set your budget alongside the features you need in your earbuds. This will help you choose with ease. 


Most probably, this could be the crucial factor you need to consider while buying earbuds for smaller ears. While buying earbuds for you, wear few pairs to check if it feels you and fits your style.

That would be the worst thing that your new earbuds fall out as you exercise because they are big. 

In fact, that would be worth going for the pair of earbuds that equips extra ear tips. These ear tips are in varied sizes to let you switch and change for a perfect fit. 


This is another relatively important thing you need to consider while buying earbuds. With time, earbuds that won’t fit you will cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

In this regard, it is quite important to find a pair of earbuds that is a good fit for you. We recommend you get an ergonomic style earbuds as it is ideal for and let you have maximum comfort. 

Also, the material of earbuds makes a huge difference in the comfort it provides you. If you choose a cheap plastic material, then after some time, it will begin to cause you discomfort.

So the good thing is to go for materials like silicone and pliable rubber. Flexible material will be movable and let you feel comfy.

Moreover, you should go for lighter in-weight earbuds as they will feel nothing on your ears in comparison to heavier models that will be pressure on your ears.

Best Earbuds for Small Ears Reviews

Here are the five best earbuds for small ears that you can get for yourself.

Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbuds

These are the new version of the true next-generation wireless earbuds. The Bluetooth True Wireless earbuds by Samsung are a complete package in small size for small ears, and it is an ultimate combo of cutting-edge technology, great sound quality, and a high level of comfort. All it ends up making the best wireless earbuds. 

The earbuds come with extras and work straight for six hours. The battery timing is excellent that several companies try to achieve but gets failed.

Also, it has an additional charge via its carry case for seven hours. Samsung is always known for quality headphones.

Following this, these earbuds offer you impressive sound quality with a high level of comfort. 

Key Features

  • AKG gives you the premium level of sound tuning.
  • It has an optimized driver that offers you substantial bass.
  • It has a quick ambient mode that allows you to hear traffic.
  • Galaxy earbuds equip three adjustable ear tips. 
  • It is compatible with iOS and android both.
  • Great charging time
  • Classic mic
  • Comfy
  • Well compatible application
  • Stored charging in the carrying case is a bit low

TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones

If you are looking for something that comes with a carry case and is quite budget-friendly, then these Tozo T6 wireless earbuds are a perfect thing for you.

When it comes to comfort, it has three different gel flexible silicone ear caps that assure you in-ear comfort as long as you use them. In fact, it has a nice seal that does not let the sound leak. 

Another of its great feature is that it has six-hours of playback time with additional 24 hours stored in the carry case. The surprising fact about this is that it has a great connection to Bluetooth that does not get disconnected all the way to 30 feet. 

The Tozo T6 gives you a balanced and clean sound that makes it a pleasurable experience. 

Key Features

  • TOZO earbuds come with smart touch control. 
  • It is super convenient to use.
  • It comes with advanced Bluetooth technology.
  • It has an inner Nano coating that makes it waterproof. 
  • The earbuds are a great deal while sporting.
  • It gets charges super-fast. 
  • Super budget-friendly
  • Waterproof
  • 24 hours charging backup
  • Six hours of smooth charging
  • Super Bluetooth connection
  • Lack bass
  • No compatibility app

Boltune Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless

These are the sleek and smart, small-size wireless earbuds that are a perfect fit for small ears people. It has Bluetooth 5.0 technology that gives you a super stable connection without any cutouts or loss of signals.

In fact, it has a faster transmission speed in comparison to its previous models. These are the true wireless earbuds that take you away from all worries as you can easily use them with a range of 50 feet.

You will not experience any kind of cutouts as your music and videos play. The earbuds boast high-quality stereo and rich bass that enable you to get into the immersive sound of your favorite tracks.

Moreover, its noise reduction feature gives you an amazing listening experience. 

Key Features

  • These are the upgraded second-generation earbuds by Boltune.
  • It comes with an intelligent noise reduction feature. 
  • It has smart ANC technology.
  • The earbuds have four mics, two for each ear.
  • It has high-quality audio decoding. 
  • It gives you 7 hours of music playtime.
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Waterproof
  • High-quality sound
  • 50 feet sound range
  • A bit heavier
  • Not great for calling

JLab Audio JBuds Air True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Some people say that JLab Audio JBuds Bluetooth earbuds are to please, so this statement is true. These wireless earbuds surprise the whole world at the time of their release.

It is an ultimate combo of modern minimalistic styling, intuitive control, a high level of durability, three-band EQ, class 1 Bluetooth 5 connectivity, and the super affordable price, it is a significant investment. 

Apart from this, it also has IP55 water and dust resistance; getting paired with the industrial-strength plastic makes it quite attractive to everyone.

It has an auto-connect function that works quite well, and its three-band EQ gives you total control of the sound. 

The best part is that everything of these earbuds can get done without using an external application. 

Key Features

  • It automatically gets turn on and connected to each other.
  • It has a classic Bluetooth connection. 
  • The earbuds have custom EQ3 sound. 
  • It has a built-in microphone.
  • It is IP55 sweat resistance. 
  • Cheaper in price
  • Three-band EQ
  • Great sound quality
  • A bit weak battery

Sony Wireless Bluetooth Ear Headphones

These are the innovative set of earbuds in the market by Sony as it provides with true noise cancellation feature. These are quite advanced as it has both noise cancellation and wireless feature.

It has an ambient sound mode that blends the music in, and one click of a button can make you know your surroundings again.  It has quite amazing battery life with nine hours of playback time.

Also, it features IPX4 class-leading inbuilt microphone, splash-proof rating, and an ergonomic design. For sure, it is a great investment as the best earbuds for small ears.

Key Features

  • It is compatible with both Apple and Android.
  • The earbuds have a digital noise-canceling feature.
  • It boats ambient sound mode.
  • Its battery lasts quite long in a single charge.
  • Super active noise cancellation
  • Ergonomic design
  • AAC support
  • Poor case design

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to know if my ears are too small for earbud?

Ans. You can know this when the earbud doesn’t fit in your ear properly and get pop out. In fact, if your ears are in typical size so earwax can cause ill-fitting earbuds.

Q2. How can you get earbuds to stay in small ears?

Ans. In the first place, try to buy the earbuds that are smaller in size that we mentioned in this list. Besides this, try to insert the earbuds in your ears more carefully to make them sit. 

Q3. Are there AirPods for small ears?

Ans. Yes, AirPods pro is more comfy and adjustable for certain people because it has silicone tips and gets easily fitted to tighter and smaller ear canals.


So this is our detailed guide about the best earbuds for small ears. If you really have small ears and your headphones or earbuds can’t get fit, then buy any of the above-listed earbuds for you as it is the ultimate choice for you. 

If you want to know more about earphone/headphone then check other blog posts on our website.

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