How to Screenshot on Samsung Tablet?

How to Screenshot on Samsung Tablet

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Screenshots can be really helpful. You can save a lot of information from your social media by taking a screenshot of it. Suppose you are going through your social media and you like a post or a picture and you want to save it.

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If you own a Samsung tablet, I will give you instructions about how to screenshot on Samsung tablet? There are many different ways for taking screenshots on a Samsung tablet which depends on which model you have. So, here is a complete guideline is given below:

Using the Tablet Keys to Capture

You can take the screenshot by using the volume down and power button. You can capture it by pressing and holding the Volume down and power button at the same time. Make sure you press both the buttons simultaneously to take a screenshot.

If you press and hold them for too long you will fail to take a screenshot. The power menu or Bixby will open instead. In case your tablet has a physical Home key, then you can hold and press the Home and Power keys simultaneously to take a screenshot.

When you capture a screenshot it will get saved in the gallery automatically. This is one of the ways of taking screenshots on a Samsung tablet.

Palm Swipe to take a Screenshot

It is an easier way to take a screenshot. All you need to do is go to settings and search for, “Palm swipe to capture” and then select it. After that tap the switch to turn on, “palm swipe to capture”.

Now you can easily swipe your palm across the screen and it would capture the screenshot. You need to make sure that you are swiping correctly.

If your Samsung tablet does not detect your palm, it will not capture the screenshot. So, that’s another easy way of how to screenshot on a tablet.

Some of the versions like the “galaxy Tab s6 Lite” do not support palm swipe to capture because of a hardware limitation. Instead, you can use the tablet keys and the Air command menu to take a screenshot. Your screenshots are always saved in the gallery. You can always view and share your screenshot in the gallery app.

Take Screenshots with an S Pen

In case you have a tablet that has an S pen. You can easily take screenshots using your S Pen and the screen write feature. You will have to open the screen that you would like to screenshot. Now use the S pen to tap the icon of the Air command menu and then tap the Screen write icon.

Your Samsung tablet will itself capture the screenshot of the page you are on. If you want to draw or write on the screenshot you may use the controls.

When you have completed it you may click Save to save the screenshot in the gallery. Even if you did not write on it you will have to do the same to save it.

So that’s one way how to take screenshots. If you want to view the screenshots that you have captured you may go to the notification panel or gallery.

In case you want to view it immediately after it is taken then you may swipe down the notification panel and then click on the Smart capture notification.

If you want to view it any other time just open the gallery. Click on the Albums and then tap Screenshots and you may easily see all the screenshots.

Share a Screenshot

At times you may feel the need to share your screenshot. For instance, you just cleared a new level in your game and you want to share your victory with your friends by sending a screenshot.

If you want to share a screenshot right after you have taken it you may swipe down the notification panel.  After that swipe down on the Samsung capture notification with the screenshot you just took. Then click Share and then you may share the screenshot by using the sharing options available.

If you want to share your screenshot any time you have to open the Gallery app. You may choose the Albums tab, and after that click on the Screenshots tap.

Now you may touch and hold the specific screenshot that you want to share and tap Share. You should use one of the available sharing options.

Additional Options

There are few more things you can do when you are taking a screenshot for instance adding something you like by editing it. After you have taken a screenshot a menu will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Then select Edit which has the pencil icon to draw or write on the screenshot. You can also crop out a part of it that you don’t need. The part which you’ve cropped will also get saved in the gallery.

Apart from that, there is another option of scroll capture through which you can capture screenshots of current content and the hidden parts of the screen when you are on a large webpage.

You need to click scroll capture and the screen will itself swipe down so that more content can be captured. You’ll have to keep clicking the scroll capture icon until and unless you reach the bottom of the page.

Samsung mobiles and tablets are very user-friendly and easy to handle. So, these were few easy and quick ways of how to screenshot on Samsung tablet

FAQs Related to the Topic

How do you screenshot on a Galaxy tab 2019?

You can take a screenshot on a Galaxy Tablet A 2019 by pressing and holding the power and volume down keys at the same time. You need to press them simultaneously until and unless there is a white border flash. The white border flash is seen around the edges of the screen.

How can I enable screenshots?

You will have to go to settings and then you need to tap on Advanced features. Then scroll down to see a palm swipe to capture option and click on it. If you want to take a screenshot you need to vertically put your hand on the left or right edge of the screen and swipe on display.

How do you take a screenshot on Samsung without using the volume button?

You can start by heading over to the screen or app on the Android phone that you want to take a screenshot of. To show the Now on Tap screen which is a feature that allows taking a screenshot without using any button. Now press and hold the home button. When you see the now-on tap screen slide up from the bottom and let go of the home button on your Android device.

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