Samsung Galaxy S21 Review – Expected Features and Specs


The expected time for its release is not too far, some reliable sources have leaked the specs and features of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Review and S21+.

Here, we will discuss some of the new and exciting features the Samsung Galaxy S21 may have.

Samsung released Galaxy Note 20 in August which immediately became a fan favorite. Now, it is time for Samsung to release a device from the S series, and the users are dying with anticipation.

Release Date of Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung usually releases a Smartphone from the ‘S’ series sometime in February. The phone then goes up for sale in March according to Samsung’s traditions.

Similarly, we expect Samsung Galaxy S21 to be announced in February, 2021. It might be up for grabs in March, 2021.

Design Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung slightly changed the design when it moved from Samsung Galaxy S10 to Samsung Galaxy S20. The new Samsung Galaxy S21 may have some minor changes in its design but an entire redesign is unlikely.

We expect Samsung Galaxy S21 to have more variety in colors. They probably want to excite things up and bring brighter color options for the audience.

It may have a glass rear and a metal frame. The body is supposed to be waterproof. However, some sources have mentioned that Samsung Galaxy S21 may have a plastic exterior.

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 might have the following color options;

  • White
  • Grey
  • Pink
  • Violet


Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21+ most definitely will have better camera quality than the previous device. This phone will have three cameras at the back.

Some rumors suggest the main camera would be 108 Megapixels along with OIS on the front camera. The main sensor and the ultra-wide sensor are supposed to be 12 megapixels while the telephoto sensor is 64 megapixels.

Rumor has it that the cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S21 will have the ability to change from 30fps to 60fps according to the available lighting.

It is supposed to have two modes of recording, improved photos in night mode as well as a moon mode, with more options in manual controls.  

Specs and Features Samsung Galaxy S21

According to the rumors, Samsung’s Exynos 2100, after Exynos 990, might be used to power Samsung Galaxy S21 along with Qualcomm Snapdragon 875. Storage options in Samsung Galaxy S21 would be 128 and 256 GB.

We expect Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to have the largest battery capacity followed by S21+ and then S21. According to some sources, Samsung Galaxy S21+ will have a bump to 4800mAh and the S21 will have 4000mAh capacity. Both devices may have 5G variants.


Display sizes are most likely going to be the same as Galaxy S20 and S20+ which is which is 6.2 and 6.7 inches. Claims suggest Samsung Galaxy S21 will have a drop to a full HD+ resolution.

The 120Hz refresh rate is going to remain the same as the previous device. We expect Samsung Galaxy S21 Review and S21+ Review to have the highest brightness level of 1400nits.

The curved display is also possible on at least one of the devices, most probably S21+.


Everything included, Samsung will be bringing great improvements and upgrades in the new Samsung Galaxy S21 compared to the previous Samsung Galaxy S20.

Rumors suggest that Samsung might be trying to bring all these exciting features in Samsung Galaxy S21 at a decreased price to help with the recession due to the ongoing pandemic.

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