Sneaker Copping 101: A Complete Guide

Sneaker Copping 101: A Complete Guide

Whether you want to enrich your personal collection of sneakers or are running a side gig of retailing limited edition sneakers, the struggle of sneaker copping is real. Even though there are numerous bots to increase your chance of grabbing a share of the hoard, anti-bot mechanisms are also in place.

To power up these bots, you need dedicated proxies. These proxies for sneaker bots are also known as sneaker proxies. Check out the list of the best sneaker proxy providers on Proxyway to get your hands on the desired pairs of sneakers. In this guide, we will elaborate on the intricacies of sneaker copping that will cover everything from sneaker releases to advanced copping techniques.


Goldmines of Sneaker Copping

Copping sneakers have multiple prerequisites. Among them, tapping the right sources is the main concern. We have listed some of the main sources below for your convenience. You can explore many more sources according to your needs.

  • Nike: For copping Nike sneakers, you can use two platforms. Once is the official website of Nike, which is The other is the SNKRS app from Nike.
  • Supreme: Shoes from Supreme are available on Supremenewyork.
  • Demandware: Adidas and Yeezy shoes are available on this platform.

Other sources, such as Footsites, Shopify, and Mesh are also available.


What Is the Use of Sneaker Bots?

To understand the importance of sneaker bots, you have to know how sneaker copping works. There are two basic working mechanisms. One is an FCFS method, where the first one grabbing an item and checking out wins the deal.

It can be very difficult for a normal user to grab something when hordes of sneakerheads are fighting over the same item. Sneaker bots come in handy here. They can grab items much quicker than humans and complete the checkout process faster.

So, the chance of your grabbing special releases increases when you use sneaker bots. But there is a catch here. To fight sneaker bots, different platforms have migrated to the Queue method. In this method, users are selected for a lottery.

The system randomly picks users who can complete the checkout. Even if this makes using sneaker bots less useful, you still stand a higher chance. As you can make multiple logins from different accounts using sneaker bots, the probability of one of your accounts getting selected for the lottery becomes higher.


Why Are Proxies Required for Sneaker Copping?

Using bots will raise multiple red flags on your targeted system. As soon as you are detected using sneaker bots, your accounts or IP addresses will be banned from the system so that you can’t access them. To avoid this hassle, using sneaker proxies is a must.

When you use special proxies for sneaker bots, your actions will look like real users from specific geolocations. Another important factor is masking your multiple logins.

You can’t log into multiple accounts using the same IP address. But with sneaker proxies, you can deploy bots to access the system from multiple accounts. Each of the accounts will use different IP addresses, so the access won’t look suspicious.

Even though it is possible to get your hands-on limited-edition shoes without proxies, sneaker proxies increase the chance to a great extent.


Which Sneaker Bots to Use for Copping?

There are numerous sneaker bots, each designed either for a specific platform or as a universal bot. Check out the list of sneaker bots commonly used by sneakerheads.

Platform-Specific Bots

  • Another Nike, Better Nike, etc., are specific to Nike sites.
  • NSB Bot is popular for Adidas sites.
  • ANB Supreme Bot, Mangopreme Bot, etc., are for Supreme sites.

Universal Bots

They are also known as all-in-one bots. Ghost AIO, Prism AIO, Wraith AIO, etc., are some of the common AIO bots. Even though these bots work fine on most sites, they aren’t suitable for Nike shoes.


How to Monitor Proxy Releases?

  1. Many websites provide insights into sneaker releases. You can keep an eye on these websites.
  2. Many cook groups are available on Twitter or Discord. Join these groups to get the latest news about sneaker releases.


How to Choose Proxies for Sneaker Copping?

Before you settle for a proxy provider, you must consider the following factors for successful copping.

  • Pool Size: The larger the proxy pool, the more options you will have. So, always opt for a provider with a large pool.
  • Connection Speed and Stability: Fast and stable connections are a must for sneaker copping.



Limited edition shoes are always at the center of attention for sneakerheads. Whether you are a user or retailer, grabbing your favorite pair of sneakers can be tricky. Sneaker bots and proxies for sneaker bots can make the war easier to win.

However, you must be aware of the latest releases and use foolproof strategies to buy limited edition shoes.