6 Free Reddit Tools That Help You To Explore Reddit: Make Sure You Don’t Get Lost in the Subreddit Communities

6 Free Reddit Tools That Help You To Explore Reddit: Make Sure You Don't Get Lost in the Subreddit Communities

Reddit is a website, forum, place where registered users can submit their contents like links, posts, videos, and images. So it is a network of communities where you can take part in your interests. All content in Reddit is, after somebody submits it, voted up or down by other members.

Free Reddit tools will help you to explore Reddit inside the Subreddit communities. They will guide you through Subreddits and help you find amusing content. These are six of them that we picked to review:

1. FindAReddit


FindAReddit will be the first tool to review for you. When you open FindAReddit, you’ll see a simple screen layout that will help you find Subreddit of your niche.

The creator of this tool is Siddhant Jain. FindAReddit is a far-reaching search engine. The mission of its creator is to help you find content or groups that interest you. It has 10.000+ Subreddit categorized and tagged.

FindAReddit looks clear and is easy to use, and you won’t get confused. On the left side of a screen, you will find Categories organized into subcategories. By opening one that you are interested in, FindAReddit will lead you even deeper into the world of subcategories.

2. Find On Reddit

Find on Reddit

Find On Reddit is a free search tool that is a modified Google Search Engine. Concept of how this tool work is a little different than that of a previously reviewed free tool for exploring Reddit.

In Find On Reddit, you need to type in the keyword that interests you in a search field. Subreddit names in this search engine will appear with higher priority (or more weight) than in the Google search engine.

Its creator, known on Reddit by the nickname SomeGuy8510, constructed Find On Reddit with a concept of searching for Subreddit names more easily. To find a Subreddit that you are interested in, you don’t need to use any additional keywords or niche specifications of Subreddit. Just start typing, and suggestions will appear below the searching field.

3. SubReddit Stats

Subreddit Stats

Creator of SubReddit Stats, Jevin Jones, created a bot that helps Reddit users to see the number of times some topic or work is talked over in the Subreddits. The function of this bot is to rank Subreddits.

With a click, you can see the website of the Subreddit. When you click on the site, you will see existing subreddits’ statistics. You will see statistics that will show you what topic is among the most discussed ones, what Redditors comment and post the most, and the growth of subscribers for different Redditors and their post topics.

Those statistics are based on parameters like growth per day, week, month, or as long as a year, and it also counts subscribers number per Redditor.

SubReddit Stats can be a good place as an introductory preview for marketers about keywords and topics discussed, but consider it only as a suggestion for your marketing approach.

4. Reddit-Saved


Reddit -Saved is a tool for Reddit users that like to revisit their posts and comments and see the response on older ones. This tool will save your posts, and you can quickly visit them later.

It is a great time-saver, and the saved list will be arranged in a way that is easy to scroll and find what you are looking for. At this time, around 1000 posts can be saved and listed. Hopefully, an “unlimited save” option will be available soon.

5. RedditList


The creator of this free tool is Jesse Leimgruber, and his idea was to create some kind of go-to diary for Subreddits. In his tool, the RedditList, he was able to toss around 5000 top Subreddits.

RedditList shows the number of subscribers in main Subreddits, and you can monitor the growth of communities for the period of the past 24 hours. So for data analysts, this tool will help examine which trends and topics are currently discussed on Reddit.

6. Unreadit


Creators of UnReadit, Francesco Di Lorenzo and Fabrizio Rinaldi, approached searching and seeing Reddit content in a completely different manner than searching through it. This system selects Reddit website content and makes newsletters with the best Reddit content in Subreddits.

Francesco Di Lorenzo and Fabrizio Rinaldi wrote an algorithm that explores all niches in Reddit and selects the best and most interesting one. When you subscribe to this newsletter, you will receive those results in a form that is interesting and informative, easy to read. These newsletters will keep you up to date about all Subreddits “movers and shakers.”


Today Reddit is a platform where you can learn how to start your business or a great way to attract new customers. For new users of Reddit, all of its content can be overwhelming.

These free tools are great for new Redditors to help them explore and understand the Reddit community.