The best in-ear monitors for audiophiles in 2021

Admit that! You’re personally attached with your pair of earphones. This is why you go all panicky when you don’t find your earphones with you. But this is not the only reason why you should care about picking the best device for your ears. 

Whether you belong to the audiophile community or not, you’ll always prefer to use ear devices that are easy on your ears.

Among many such wired or non-wired ear devices, in-ear monitors are the best. In-ear monitors fit inside your ear canal and block the noise in your ambience. A pair of best in-ear monitors can save you from ear fatigue, even after using for long hours. 

Initially, in-ear monitors were popular only among musicians, on-stage performers, and singers. But now anybody can buy the best in-ear monitors, thanks to the never-ending development of tech and devices. 

When it comes to buying, finding a pair of best in-ear monitors can be a trouble. Not many of you have knowledge sufficient to buy the best in-ear monitors. Various types of in-ear monitors in the market might excite you or leave you befuddled. 

Don’t trouble yourself wondering ‘how to pick the best in-ear monitors for myself’, we have picked some of the best in-ear monitors. Keep reading, this article will help you find what you’re looking for. 

What to consider while buying in-ear monitors?

Your Device

First and foremost, your device must be compatible with the IEM. Most IEMs need a 3.5mm jack where you will connect the in-ear monitors. Many smartphones nowadays have eliminated the 3.5mm jack from their design.

If your smartphone is also one of those latest designs, then you might have to buy a dongle along with it. But if you’re a musician and need it for monitoring, then that’s entirely another story. 


How many drivers it must contain? Usually, more drivers in in-ear monitors mean more price but that obviously comes with excellent sound quality.

Three drivers render a studio-like sound with high, middle, and low frequencies. You will experience a deeper bass and better clarity.

Moreover, some monitors have armature drivers and others have dynamic drivers, while some come with hybrid drivers. The former delivers the detailed sound experience, the latter counts for a powerful sound experience. 

Wired and Non-Wired

 Like other infrared and Bluetooth ear devices, in-ear monitors also come in both wired and non-wired varieties. It’s totally up to your preference whether to buy in-ear monitors with or without a wire.

If you have a habit of moving or grooving around vigorously while listening to music or playing the game with your earphones, a single strong pull in the moment of ecstasy can destroy your in-ear monitors. 

Noise Attenuation

You must also look for its ability to reduce or block noise in the surrounding. This can be measured dB(decibels).

More dB means that more noise would be blocked to deliver better sound. When the noise is blocked from the outside, you can hear the clear sound even at very low volumes. 

Frequency Response

This indicates which frequencies in-ear monitors are able to produce. As human ears are naturally capable of hearing between 20Hz to 20kHz.

The in-ear monitors with more frequency response would let you hear more of these frequencies, thus results in better sound quality. 

Sensitivity and Impedance

Both these features work together to produce the volume and control the amount of power required from the device to produce volume.

Higher sensitivity means louder volume while using lesser power from the device. In case of impedance, it’s the other way around, lower impedance works just fine to produce good quality sound.

You can choose an in-ear monitor with a sensitivity level of 100dB or above and impedance ranging between 20 to 30 Ohms.

Best Ear Monitors Reviews

Here are some of the best in-ear monitors we found.

Sennheiser IE 40 Pro

The ear-hook design gives Sennheiser IE 40 Pro a professional look. These in-ear monitors fit deeply in your ear canal blocking most of the noise from surroundings.

They have very little weight and you don’t get the feeling that you’re wearing something in your ears. Although, if you usually use the typical in-ear style, you might feel a slight discomfort wearing it.

It comes with three tip sizes and there’s also one foam option. The cleaning tool and the carrying pouch help you keep your in-ear monitors in a healthy condition for a longer time. 

These in-ear monitors don’t let your ears sweat from the inside, making them suitable for sports. However, wire gives it a bit cheap-look and doesn’t ensure security while running or exercising. 

Key Features

  • Drivers: 10mm Dynamic 
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 18 kHz 
  • Maximum SPL: 115 dB 
  • Passive Noise Attenuation: Up to 26 dB
  • Phase Coherent & Low Distortion
  • Detachable 4.3′ Headphone Cable
  • More bloated bass
  • Slightly accentuated highs and their legendary mids
  • Not wireless
  • A bit harsh for those who are sensitive to treble

Audio Technical ATH-E40

If you love powerful bass and high fidelity, ATH-E40 is the best option for you. The push-pull drivers allow you to listen to the eclectic frequencies in detail.

The name Push-pull drivers is justified by 2 drivers; Driver 1 that pushes air and moves forward while driver 2 that pulls air and moves backward. 

From the best packaging to its sound quality, Audio-Technica ATH-E40 is no less than perfection. There are four ear tips available in different sizes. Try out all to find the best fit for your ears.

The extensive length of the detachable cable makes these in-ear monitors more sought-out. The carrying case is a stylish capsule-shaped one, keeps your in-ear monitors safe from environmental factors.

Key Features 

  • Drivers: Dual-phase push-pull drivers
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz-19kHz
  • Impedance: 39 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 107 dB/mW
  • Cable Length: 5.2′
  • Cable: Replaceable
  • Powerful bass
  • No distortion
  • Detachable wire
  • Big and bulky

Shure SE215

ShureSE215 in-ear monitors have a mundane outlook but it offers professional sound results. It has one dynamic driver which offers non-distorted and balanced sound. 

Its detachable wire option and Bluetooth option make these in-ear monitors easier to use and carry around for all purposes, whether it’s for usual music listening, or on-stage monitoring, or studio mixing.

The built-in mic and 8-hour battery life add to the favorable features of Shure SE215. However, battery life can vary depending on the music type and usage.

Shure SE215 in-ear monitors come with a soft zipped carrying pouch and three ear tips of the small, medium, and large sizes.

Once you find the best-fitted ear tip for your ear, you will experience the full swing experience with noise totally blocked out.

Key Feartures

  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Drivers: One 
  • Impedance: 20 Ohms 
  • Sensitivity: 107 dB 
  • Frequency range: 22 – 17,500 Hz  
  • Earbuds: Foam and silicone included
  • Detachable wire
  • Good sound isolation
  • Complaints about uncomfortable ear fit

Shure SE535LTD

Once again Shure has impressed the audiophiles with its in-ear monitors Shure SE535LTD. Besides its chic design, Shure SE535LTD has other desirable features making it one of the best in-ear monitors. 

Three drivers in Shure SE535LTD allow the listeners to hear an extensive range of frequencies. It blocks almost all the noise from the surroundings to give users a full swing experience. 

The extremely flexible design and light weight make it comfortable to wear and use. Over-the-ear configurations don’t let the cables dangle around the ears. 

Bluetooth connectivity and detachable wire make Shure SE535LTD perfect for running, gym work, gaming, and music mixing, etc. 

Ear tips and detachable cable allow you to do the detailed cleaning of the product. The carrying case keeps the in-ear monitors safe for traveling and carrying around.

Key Features

  • Drivers: three 
  • Impedance: 36 Ohm 
  • Sensitivity: 119 dB 
  • Frequency range: 18 Hz to 19.5 kHz
  • Earbuds: Foam and silicone included
  • In-line remote and microphone: 1
  • Excellent sound isolation
  • Bluetooth
  • Thick yet pliable cord
  • Thin bass


SIMGOT MT3 is another perfect IEM for music lovers and audiophiles. The transparent plastic makes its structure look excellent and is responsible for its lightweight.

The nozzles are made up of soft matte metal. These fit in your ears perfectly due to their lightweight and over-the-ear design and render a comfortable experience.

You can select the ear tip that sits perfectly in your ears, from 6 pairs of silicone ear tips. The mesh carrying bag also comes with 6 pairs of silicone ear tips.

The multiple acoustic driver technology delivers high resolution, balanced sound. SIMGOT MT3 doesn’t strain your ears or give you an unwanted headache after using it for long hours.

Key Features

  • Driver: 10mm dynamic driver
  • Cable Standard: 2-pin 0.78mm
  • Plug: 3.5mm
  • Cable Type: Copper, braided
  • Drivers: three 
  • Impedance: 18 Ohms 
  • Well balanced sound
  • Comfortable
  • Sleek in design
  • There were complaints from some customers

Sennheiser IE 800 S

You might find IE 800 S expensive but they do meet your expectations. Ceramic housing gives them a solid look and touch. The hefty cable does not let it tangle and also reduces noise. 

Dual Chamber Absorber system grips and deliver all frequencies; mid-range, low, or high frequencies eclectically. Such minute details of the music revealed would make you an eternal fan of IE 800 S.

They are designed perfectly to fit the ear canal that the surroundings would be wholly separated from the listener and you’d be completely lost in your musical environment. 

Extra Wide Band (XWB) 7mm driver renders an immersive sound experience. We can bet, you are likely to become an audiophile (in case you were not one) if you listen to your favorite music in Sennheiser IE 800 S.

Key Features

  • Driver: Extra Wide Band (XWB) 7mm
  • Cable Standard: 2-pin 0.78mm
  • Plug: 3.5mm
  • Cable: detachable 
  • Cable length: 1 meter
  • Drivers: three 
  • Beautiful design
  • Detailed and dynamic sound
  • Expensive
  • A few complaints about earbuds keep falling off

Mackie MP-240

The stylish ergonomic design of Mackie MP-240 makes them the in-ear monitors which fit comfortably in your ears. 

Dual hybrid drivers give you pristine details of your monitoring, making it best for monitoring, mixing, or listening to the music while you’re on-the-go. 

Mackie MP-240 has a noise reduction ability so profound that it would even block the ambient noise even when you’re not listening to any music. 

The detachable wire allows the option to remove the cable and store it separately or replacing it with another cable as per your needs. 

Three different types of ear tips come along in the package and you can find the right fit for your ear after trying them out. 

The manufacturer has certainly kept in mind the human ears’ audible range as these IEMs cover a wide range of frequencies, 20 to 20 kHz.

These in-ear monitors come packed in a hard case which protects them while you carry them with you.

Key Features

  • Cable length: 59.1 inches
  • Drivers: two, dual hybrid
  • Impedance: 16 Ohm 
  • Sensitivity: 108 dB 
  • Noise Attenuation: 40dB
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-20khz
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Excellent dynamics
  • Good fit
  • Robust cable but not too bulky
  • Great protective case
  • A few complaints from customers

Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Generation

The Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Generation has a certain pro look and is sweat resistant. Once fitted in-ears, they’re the least likely to fall off making them adoptable for running, dancing, or gym work. 

The cable can be detached and replaced adding further favorability to its features. The cable near the earpiece is malleable enough to adjust it properly. 

The sound they produce is well balanced with higher and lower frequencies covered in detail. The songs with treble mixes are played with an enormous boost in Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Generation. 

The sound quality of these in-ear monitors at such a low price is no less than a blessing. The foam ear tips play their fair part to reduce the noise from the surroundings. 

The carrying case protects it from damage and other hazards of traveling. These are the best in-ear monitors for road trips, gym, and stage performances. 

Key Features

  • Cable length: 51 inches
  • Driver: moving coil 
  • Impedance: 16 Ohm 
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB 
  • Noise Attenuation: 40dB
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-20khz
  • Good sound isolation
  • Balanced sound
  • 1-year warranty
  • A few complaints from customers


Not only the attractive design of Sigmot EN700 Pro lights up the audiophiles but its performance leaves them wondering as well.

The shells of these in-ear monitors are made up of semi-matte aluminum giving them a fine look. 

The cables are detachable around the earpiece and do not come off unless you unplug them from the earpiece. Hence, feel free to sway your head with cables connected. 

The shells are quite ergonomic and do not hurt your ears if you use them for long hours. The six pairs of silicone ear tips let you select the right size for your ear. 

The structure of the semi-hard carrying case shows that the company has taken the protection of in-ear monitors seriously.

The cleaning brush that comes along with these in-ear monitors helps you keep them clean. EN700 gives you strong bass and treble boost. Bass lovers would totally love it.

Key Features

  • Driver: dynamic
  • Cable length: 1.2 m 
  • Impedance: 16 Ohm 
  • Sensitivity: 101 dB 
  • Frequency range: 15Hz-40kHz
  • Weight: 3.21 ounces
  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Plenty of bass
  • Balanced sound
  • Lightweight
  • A few complaints from customers


CCA C10 offers a reasonably very aesthetical look at such an incredibly low price. They have plastic housing on shells but look no less than a pro in-ear monitors. 

They have 5 drivers in each earpiece, this is why you might find the housing size a little larger than normal. Well, they still feel lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

The low, high, and mid frequencies are covered well by these IEMs rendering the enjoyable details of music which get you in the right mood to do your task. 

However, the carrying case doesn’t come along with the package which is quite acceptable at such a price. 

Key Features

  • Driver: 1 Dynamic 10MM woofer
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm 
  • Sensitivity: 108 dB 
  • Frequency range: 7-40000Hz
  • Weight: 10.2 ounces
  • No microphone
  • Comfortable
  • No distortion
  • Deep bass and sub-bass
  • Good treble
  • A few complaints from customers


First off, decide whether you need a pair of IEM or not. If you’re not an audiophile, you might or might not like the experience with in-ear monitors. 

Sometimes selecting the right in-ear monitors can be an overwhelming task even if you’re an audiophile or an informed person about IEMs.

You have to consider your budget and requirements while making a purchase. 

There can be a lot of details you might care about your in-ear monitor such as we have described those things above in our article.

If you want to be enlightened more about technology? Read other blog posts from our website.

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