How To Make Your Headphones Louder?


Just wonder trying to listen to your favorite song, calling someone you love, or simply bingein on your favorite series, and your headphones don’t give you the right sound volume. Exhausting it is, right?

You cannot enjoy it as the audio is too low for you to understand. Here you may need to know how to make your headphones louder. 

Oftentimes, headphones are chosen according to the particular preference and music style of the user.

Regardless of whatever you are casual, passionate, or pro-level listening, you always wanted to have high-quality sound. And the right headphones and volume settings are quite important for that. 

However, the point is that the consistent daily usage of headphones with the app, desktop setting, and several other things can lessen the volume and quality of your headphones.

To have perfect volume headphones, you need to make some adjustments. But note that 85 decibels are the safest sound range for a maximum of eight hours of consistent audio listening via headphones. 

Here is how to make your headphones louder.

Headphones Volume Booster Apps are Helpful

Most probably, like me, you also didn’t know about these kinds of apps. But that’s a great thing that there are specific apps created for boosting the volume of your headphones to let you enjoy the content at its fullest.

Downloading these apps gets integrated into your device whatever it is a PC or laptop. It serves by overriding the settings of your device and boosts the volume. This way, it gets louder. 

However, you need to be a bit careful as these apps can make the volume louder, and that can damage your ears. 

There are a great number of apps available on the Google Play Store and Apple store for you to boost the sound. 

Headphones Volume Booster Apps are Helpful

Some of the iPhone volume booster apps are;

  • Player Xtreme media player
  • Equalizer plus
  • AutoVolume Automatic volume control
  • KaiserTone audio player

If you an android user, then these are the volume boosters apps for you;

  • VLC for android
  • MX player
  • Precise volume
  • Podcast addict

Clear Out Dust and Debris from Your Headphones or Speakers

This could be something most obvious to everyone out there. But most of the time, this gets overlooked and ends up causing volume issues.

Any kind of headphones that go inside the ear will surely have a higher tendency of dirt and debris.

The more the dirt buildup, the more, the quieter your headphones will get. Dirt actually blocks the speakers, and this is why you cannot listen perfectly. 

How to make headphones louder depends on cleaning it too?

Cleaning of EarBuds

Earbuds are the point from where you will begin cleaning your headphones. It is because it gets inside your ear in opposition to resting outside and closing your ears on the other side. 

  • Begin by holding the buds with its mesh in a downward position. Take a soft bristle toothbrush and brush it gently to unclog the mesh surface. After this, tap the earbuds to knock out any additional dirt or debris left on the solid surface. 
  • If there are any remaining substances on the earbuds’ mesh, you need to use the tech-friendly putty to clean that out. 
  • If the tips of your earbuds are made from silicone, then simply take it out and soak for almost five minutes in soapy water. Later, use tech cleaning wipes to wipe them before replacing them on your earpieces. Maybe this doesn’t work for the inside tips, but still, it can get cleaned with slightly damp Q-tips. 
Cleaning of EarBuds

Cleaning of Headphones

If you have a headphone set instead of earbuds, so following is the best way to clean it. However, you need to be a bit careful as it has a lot of fragile parts. 

  • Begin with the removal of earpads, but you need to super gentle as ear pads can get tear and get useless them. Slightly damp a small piece of cloth in a soap and water solution and wipe the remaining external side of your headphones. Also, you can use a paper towel to dry your headphones and allow them to air dry too. 
  • Get a tech wipe, or you can also use rubbing alcohol on a small cloth to clean the ear pads as you removed them from the headphones. Afterward, grab a cotton swab and damp it into rubbing alcohol for cleaning all the crevices of your ear pads. 
  • Again you need to use tech wipes or a cotton cloth with rubbing alcohol to dab on the foamy mesh gently. To kill any bacteria, you can rub some alcohol into the mesh with the use of your fingers. This is a great help to clear out all the additional debris your headphones can have. 
  • Before replacing the earpads with the headphones, let it air dry completely to experience the fullest.

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Cleaning of Headphones

Smart Speaker or Bluetooth can Work

If your headphones are not enough for you, then a speaker is a great option if you are not on any ride. Speakers are a way to go if you are in one place and not moving alongside listening to anything you want without using headphones.

It becomes easiest because of the Bluetooth and WiFi options getting common. You should get out from the hassle of wires and cords and simply take advantage of wireless options. 

You can easily get into tons of Bluetooth speakers. The best thing is that they are quite reasonable for the size and quality it offers.

That would be great if you find a reasonable price giving you a lot of sound with quality. Most of the Bluetooth speakers are available in a great price range. 

Check and Adjust the Volume Limit on Device

For some of the people out there, this point could be a bit surprising. In most of the device’s settings, there is an option that enables you to get over the thing called “governor or limiter” for volume.

The device has this option that does not allow the listener to overdo and end up with damage to volume or ears. This actually means that the user should do things at his own risk as too loud a sound can be dangerous for eardrums.  

An Amplifier is Also an Option

The way home speaker improves its sound quality after getting paired with a high-quality amplifier, the same way headphone can also get better with a headphone amp.

Maybe the power from the amplifier inside your device is not enough to make your headphones work at their potential.

Using external headphones amplifier will benefit you by making the sound louder, giving you depth music detail, an improved level of clarity, and a better dynamic range. This is another tip for how to make headphones louder. 

You can check on the size and dimensions of your headphones to determine if it needs an amp. Most in-ear headphones and earbuds are less likely to get benefit from an amp.

But the larger on-ear and over-ear headphones can make it easy for you to use an amplifier to boost volume.

Why are My Headphones so Quiet?

The modern models of headphones come with a maximum limit of volume built inside the hardware. This is for following the international regulations that mentioned that headphones should not be too much louder, risking ear canal and hearing damage.

Following this, you should also keep in mind that making your headphones louder leads you to the risk of ear damage. So make sure to not listen to things at louder volume always, or it can harm you.

Why are My Headphones so Quiet

How To Make Headphones Louder on Chromebook?

The very first considerable point for this is to increase the volume of your Chromebook. If that does not work, then you can download certain applications that can help you boost the sound of your Chromebook. 

Final Thoughts

Before only considering boosting the volume, you should prefer to listen in a bit quieter environment as the too much louder volume is prone to damage.

Apart from this, if you still feel that your headphones are too much quiet, then our points as mentioned above can help you. 

But if anything does not work, then simply you need to get a new pair of headphones that has a high volume level.

For this, do some research and then invest your money as there are many frauds ongoing in the market.  I hope this of our guide helps you with your headphones.

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