Black Friday 2020 What Date do the US Sales Start and How will Coronavirus Affect the Offers?


The time for which people usually wait the whole year every time is here. Yes, it is the most awaited global sales time, the Black Friday 2020.

The concept of its sales starting date is after the thanksgiving festival. However, the event starts soon after that. You might see the deals and sales banners of prestigious brands from the start of November.

The expected date for Black Friday 2020 is the same as previous years, 27 November. Most of the brands have their franchise in the United States of America from which they create significant revenue every year.

On this whole day, even a week before and after that there will be sales and deals everywhere. You will now be able to get your desired and out-of-range products at pretty much reasonable prices.

Although, this year since the start has proved to be a crazy hell of a roller coaster ride. Every day you wake up, and there is a new incident that happened somewhere around the globe.

Corona Effect on US Sales Offers

Covid pandemic is one of the most prominent global issues this year. There was a rumor that maybe Black Friday 2020 will not come into action this year. Luckily, it is happening this year at the same expected date and time.

Deals Having Extended Time

We all have faced a pandemic this year. Due to self-quarantine, the sales of almost every physical store has declined at least quarterly. People prefer not to go outside and stay in their homes.

The same will happen on the Black Friday 2020 sales. Therefore, there will be a lesser crowd at the outlets. People will prefer online shopping. The deals will live longer this time so that people will get more chances of having the benefits of this worldwide sale. 

Lesser in Store Deals

This season provides some insanely cheap in-store deals and offers such as 40″ smart tv just for $80-100. Instead of having these deals, they will be providing exciting online offers.

Due to being smaller in number, these deals will be more attractive and amusing this time. Walmart is planning on giving some excellent deals similar to before. The customers are waiting for more offers from other popular stores too.

Minimal in Store Buyers

In every store, there will be a specific number of customers allowed physically to the outlet. There should be a queue for other customers to wait outside.

However, the stores are convincing the customers to shop while staying at home. It will help them handling lesser crowd physically. There will also be minimal chances of Corona from spreading. They are declining the need for in-store shopping.

Prolonged Wait Times

People who used to shop at this event are not strangers to the waiting. Making queues before the opening of the doors and waiting. This time due to social distancing, they will limit the customers.

When the limit reaches, they will close the doors, and the shoppers outside will have to wait for their turn. Similar in the online case, online sales will be more hectic and may make the customers wait long to get their order for delivery.

Shipping and Delivery Delaying Due to Coronavirus

The online shopping is expecting a crazy crowd handling and a lot more online orders in Black Friday 2020. Countries are vulnerable and avoid interacting with others.

Hence, the shipments are going minor. Although the governments are using different strategies to cope up with the Corona while sustaining their economies, this lockdown 2.0 is bringing some more challenges.

Due to the shipment waiting, the retailers will get their stock late, and the whole chain will take up their time handling their tasks in time. If you do not get your holiday gifts in time, make sure you have a backup plan.

Early Sales Season

Retailers are expecting a hectic November this time. 27 is the official date for every year, but most of the retailer stores are exposing their sales from the start of the month to get sufficient time for their sales.

They are trying to provide the audience much more time for the shopping, so they do not miss out on their concerning deals. On the other hand, they will also get enough time for themselves to manage their whole ordering and supply chain process.


No doubt the Corona has become one of the biggest challenges for the whole world. Everyone is suffering mental stress regarding their health, economic and employment issues.

In such circumstances, there will not be the same number of customers this time. See the brighter side, there are great offers and deals, and they will last for a long time.

Based on our suggestion you should be start shopping online. Stay home, stay safe. Make your orders early as possible so that you can expect them in time.

Even if you are planning to go for in-store shopping, do not forget to wear your masks all the time, maintain social distancing and be patient and help the discipline.

I hope you get the wonderful experience of shopping on Black Friday 2020. Happy shopping.

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