Google Pixel Phones tracks your heart and respiratory rate through the Google Fit app

Google is going to give you a new free health monitoring feature in your Google Pixel phones. This feature is only available in smartwatches. But now Google Pixel phones will soon be able to track your heart and respiratory rate using the back camera. Google is providing this feature in the Google Fit app.

In this tweet, Google confirmed that this feature will be available soon. This feature is currently being tested on Google Pixel phones.

This feature will be available for Google Pixel phones at the start of next month. Google confirmed that this feature will further be extended to all android devices in the near future. This feature is being tested by using clinical examinations among healthy and unhealthy individuals. Google also tested this feature on individuals with respiratory tract problems and heart problems.

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How it will Works?

Google is using the back camera in which Google uses computer vision techniques to determine the heart and respiratory rate. In the Google Fit app, it will ask the user to press the finger to the back camera and it will measure the heart rate.

Same this technique is being used by smartwatches. Smartwatches are touching the skin and their sensors detect the heart and respiratory rate.

For the respiratory rate, Google will capture your face and then using the Computer Vision technique and from this way, the Google Fit app tracks the respiratory rate. This feature will only available for Google Pixel phones through the Google Fit app.

Wrap Up

Google said that this is not the substitute for the proper medical examinations. But with the passage of time, it will help users to track their daily routine.

This feature will be a great revolution in the daily routine so that all the users can maintain their day to day health. When this feature will be available to all android devices it will be great.

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