Instagram is going to update its Stories in a TikTok Style


TikTok is the most popular app among the people. As Tiktok provide the one of the most entertaining short-form video feature which allow you to make short videos.

Now to keep you off from Tiktok, this short-form video feature is going to adapt by Instagram in the story mode. Instagram is working on a TikTok style short-form video that allows you to see the stories in a TikTok style in the new Instagram story update.

Instagram Confirmed to TechCrunch that this feature is not being tested yet.  According to the developer’s tweet, the code is in the development phase.

It means that now in Instagram stories we can easily swipe up and down like other social apps, Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok in the new Instagram story update. It also feels natural rather than swipe left and right. The IGTV feature would also work differently as the video will align in a vertical grid.

Instagram confirmed that this is a prototype that is being developed. The development process of this feature is still going on. This vertical swipe up story mode feature is going to match with the Instagram original home feature.

According to the news, the company is also considering which kind of content can be posted in this new story feature. They are also testing that how these Instagram stories will be displayed. Instagram is already disabling the content posting feature in the story mode so that they can test this new feature.

This new feature will be live soon. This Instagram story update will provide a more natural way to see the stories. The swipe up and down feature is the most convenient and natural feature to use any app.

Now the big question is Can this Instagram Story Update will compete with the Tiktok.?

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