News and Rumors for GTA 6 Release Date PC


There is not yet any confirmation for GTA 6 release date PC. However, there are a lot of rumors everywhere about the series that it is on its way. 

Do you think that 2021 could be the year for GTA 6? Most probably, no! But still, there are a lot of chances for Rockstar to make its final announcement.

Officially, it is not confirmed, but there are a lot of possibilities for it. 

Everyone knows how successful was the previous version of GTA was. Following this, Rockstar has some great plans for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game.

Right now, what we have is only the hunches and the rumors on which we can depend.

Apart from this, the rockstar fans having an official rockstar support account saying to stay tunes for some surprising GTA 6 updates on Twitter.

Fake leaks and rumors for GTA 6 release date are rampant, having a hidden meaning that gets into the mirror details at each turn. 

Knowing that the recent blockbuster by Rockstar already made it place for the next four to five years. This is what makes us assume that the GTA 6 release date PC will be in 2022 or 2023.

This is the date estimation only if the next Rockstar project is GTA 6, not Table Tennis 2.

There are possibilities for GTA 6 because Take Two’s recent quarterly earning shows that the company has made more than from GTA online DLC and micros-transactions. 

Importance of GTA 5

Besides this, the Rockstar is also attentive towards updating the GTA 5 online as the full new single-player campaign for the whole series makes it feel inevitable.

In some upcoming years, the company reaffirmed the importance of GTA 5 alongside the PS5 and Xbox series X. As there will be a new console generation hitting the market, this makes the next Grand Theft Auto games biggest than ever before. 

Importance of GTA 5

Core GTA 6 Rumors

The core rumors for GTA 6 release date rockstaris a total mystery. However, it is quite clear that no one should hope for it in multiple coming years.

Moreover, for the location and setting of the game, it has been rumored that there will be a return to Vice City, and some say return to South America, but yet nothing is officially known or announced. 

Will GTA 6 be a PC game? Well, following that, GTA 4, GTA 5, and the Red Redemption 2 all were PC games, so it is fair to say that GTA 6 will be a PC game. 

What Could be The GTA 6 Release Date?

When is GTA 6 coming out? This is something widely searched and asked. However, the point of concern is that there is a long way to guess the dates, yet this is not the stage.

But still, at least we can just try to pinpoint a year that could have chances for GTA 6 release date PC. 

An SEC filing that recently gets into the market by the parents of Rockstar, Take-Two, claims that they have a plan for a giant advertising spending spike during the upcoming year of 2024.

In fact, they also mentioned the amount of $90 million for their spending. Certainly, not all the games in T2’s stable would be a part of this huge amount. This figure is indeed for a huge next release. 

But still, it does not exactly rule out the big GTA 6 newsrelease during the times of 2023.

It is actually the time when we are expecting to see GTA 6 getting into a roll for full production after the launch of Dead Redemption 2’s launch in the year 2018, October. 

In recent times, Rockstar committed to bringing back the GTA 5 to the next generation of the consoles and working on the standalone version of the GTA online alongside having planned to continue the updates to the game in 2021.

This clearly means that there is not any GTA 6 release date 2021. 

What Could be The GTA 6 Release Date

New Information for Upcoming GTA 6

What you need to do is to consider this information as a pinch of salt. We mentioned this because the game is quite early in development.

But the good point is that all the latest GTA 6 leaks are coming from Reddit. 

Here are the points mentioning info about GTA 6 release date PC that could be rumor too. Anyways take a look below;

  • The code name for the project is PROJECT AMERICAS.
  • It could set in Vice City and a new unreal fictional location that is based on Rio de Janeiro. 
  • Some of its linear missions will get done in Liberty City, but it won’t be the open world. 
  • The GTA 6 would be a balance of arcade and realism, but it will not be as realistic as Red Dead Redemption 2. 
  • Some leaks show that the one playable protagonist would be male, not female. 
  • The player would be the coming drug lord-wannabe with Ricardo as his name. There will be another main character with the name of Kacey.
  • The game will begin with a grunt running being a cocaine smuggler from Vice City to the near big area of South America before getting into the connections with big drug lords.
  • A giant prison is also a part of the game. 
  • The GTA 6 is quite inspired by the Narcos on Netflix. 
  • Reminiscent of the Wire is the beginning of the game. 

Setting for the GTA 6

Beyond the GTA 6 release date PC, the curiosity is on a high for the game setting. The ideas of the developer mention that the game would make the player revolve around fictional cities.

The missions of the game will be in Los Angeles, Miami, or New York. The map and the story work together with the basic flow of how it will work out to let you layer your missions. 

Final Thoughts:

Following the rumors of the game, it is a roller coaster of missions and evil stuff that will keep the person stick with the game. But when the point is when does GTA 6 come, so it’s a mystery yet to be solved. 

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