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Celebration of 25th Anniversary of Pokemon

The original work of making playing cards that is the inspiration of Nintendo’s enduring brand celebrates 25th anniversary of Pokemon this weekend.

Best Android Chess Games You Should Know About

Chess is the oldest game that people still play. You can go for simple gaming with your friends cheering your mind, or...

Soon Master card Going to Support Cryptocurrency this Year

Yes, now the payments giants plan for supporting the digital currency, i.e., cryptocurrency transactions directly via master card. 

News and Rumors for GTA 6 Release Date PC

There is not yet any confirmation for GTA 6 release date PC. However, there are a lot of rumors everywhere about the series...

3 New Smartwatches by Honor and Some 5G Phones are on their way in 2021

Most of us know that Honor is best known for its smartphones. However, it also has some great smartwatches that include Honor...

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