How to Build a Server at Home

How to Build a Server at Home

Are you interested in running a website from your home, but you don’t want to use an unknown server from a company to do so? Is it because you are worried about hackers or someone stealing your identity or personal information?

Even if you have minimal technical skills, it’s easy to build a server at home. Don’t believe us? In the article below, we share steps on how to build a server at home, so you can start using it to host your website, email, or whatever else.

Items You Will Need

There are certain components that you will need to gather to build your home server. The first is a server PC. The other items consist of:

  • A broadband network connection
  • Network router
  • Monitor and keyboard (only for the first few steps)

And that’s all, folks! You might have thought you needed a bunch of technical implements and components, but you can get a home server started with these four items alone.

You probably have all of them already, or it will be easy for you to procure them.

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Building a Home Server in Brief

Any old computer can be turned into a home server. You can use a machine with 64MB of RAM and a 300MHz processor to make a good enough server. If you have better specs, your server will be able to handle anything you throw at it.

Make sure you start with a new hard drive because it is the heart of the server, and bigger is better. Hard drives are quite cheap nowadays, so it’s easy enough to get a bigger one.

Another important thing you will need to worry about is cooling down the server since it will be running all the time. Companies that have hundreds of servers in their warehouses spend millions on cooling down their facilities.

You will need to either underclock your server (make it slower and thus cooler) or use a CPU or power supply cool. Your server will need a network interface card (ethernet card), something from D-Link or 3Com.

Buying a Server

Of course, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of purchasing all these items and putting them together, you could just purchase a server. Many companies sell cheap server space with lots of added security, so you can feel secure when using them. If you want more information on this – check it out here.

Now You Know How to Build a Server

When you first start thinking about building a new skill, it always feels like it’s unreachable and insurmountable. But as you get practice at it, you will become better. The same applies to building a home server.

Once you become a pro at it, you can even teach others how to build a server. If you enjoyed this article, please bookmark our site and keep checking back for newly published articles.