How To Create An Ecommerce App In Android: 7 Tips And Tricks

How To Create An Ecommerce App In Android: 7 Tips And Tricks

With the world now digital, our lives are about to change. The eCommerce space isn’t exempted as mobile applications are introduced to improve lives. Today, if you want to start an eCommerce platform, you have to know how to create an eCommerce app because apart from making shopping convenient, you can generate great revenue from its use.

If you are an eCommerce business owner, here you can find some helpful things that your eCommerce store needs to thrive. WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping and WooCommerce Order Export are just some of the examples of the best-performing plugins for the eCommerce site.

So, let’s say you want to build an eCommerce android app; what are the tips and tricks you need to know? Find out below.

7 Tips You Need to Build an Ecommerce Android App

Before building eCommerce applications in Android, you need to take note of seven important things. These are tips that will help you create a successful application for shopping.

1. Develop a Simple User Interface Design

Creating a website or app that people would love often requires one significant thing – a simple user interface. It is a feature that determines a customer’s overall experience.

How To Create An Ecommerce App In Android: 7 Tips And Tricks

If the android app has a great interface, i.e., simple and clear, good layout, etc., then it would be a choice to go for. However, if it looks tacky or complicated, your potential users may find it challenging to use and eventually not consider it another time.

2. Create a Seamless Login and Checkout Process

To build an eCommerce app in android, there is always the need for a registration and checkout process. It is a significant part of using the app because it would help identify a buyer or seller.

Top view of a phone on desk, log in on screen

Now, the registration process has to be seamless – no one wants to go through a 5-minutes journey of entering personal details like name, surname, address, contact details, etc. You can integrate a social media login to hasten the login process.

Likewise, checking out shouldn’t take so long.

3. Make Navigation Easy

Another thing that describes a successful application is easy navigation. It is a feature that makes the app even easier to use. It allows you not to have a hard time finding products or making payments.

Integrating a navigation drawer or gesture-based navigation on an android eCommerce app makes usage convenient.

4. Add The Cart Feature

When you make an eCommerce app, you expect your customers/users to find products they would like to purchase easily. However, customers find themselves interested in buying more than one item.

Therefore, to make the shopping experience better, a cart feature needs to be introduced. That way, users can shop for as many items as they want without being interrupted.

5. Make Purchase Process Easy

If you want to make a good app for eCommerce, you also have to consider your customers’ steps before purchasing an item. Apart from the registration process, the purchase process must be straightforward. It shouldn’t take them more than three taps to get an item from your mobile app.

To achieve the Three-Tap purchase process, you have to arrange or organize your products properly. You can organize them into categories, sub-categories, and items. If you don’t want to go through that arrangement, you can use the first alphabet.

6. Integrate Various Banking and Payment Options

Young Lady Use Cellphone Order Online Shopping Product

Ecommerce is a digital business enterprise which means transactions occur every now and then using different banking options. However, what distinguishes a good app committed to customer convenience from a mediocre one is having numerous payment pathways.

It gives users the confidence that whatever payment method they have, the app accepts it.

7. Provide Strong Security

Finally, on how to build an eCommerce mobile app in Android, you need to consider integrating good security systems. Ecommerce platforms store a series of personal data that shouldn’t be mishandled. For the security of personal data, SSL certificate should be there. Besides, app security requires Code Signing certificates like EV Code Signing certificate. It offers highest authentication, two-factor authentication, and strong encryption.

More so, they are business enterprises that often request customers to enter their bank details or card information. Thus, it is important to provide the highest level of security to encrypt transactions.

Overall, well-secured apps do not become targets of data breaches.


The competition in the eCommerce industry has become very high, as many people are steadily developing websites that will beat the competition. For mobile app development, there are some things you need to consider – your services, your customers, and many others.

From the above, you know what to do to build an eCommerce android app. Hopefully, you can use these tips effectively.