How to Fix a Hacked Router and Avoid Getting it Hacked Again?

How to Fix a Hacked Router?

Everyone knows that now the world is getting filled with technology on daily basis. In fact, it is constantly changing the way we proceed with your life. However, another fact is that each of the inventions comes with both positive and negative aspects and this is the same with tech devices.

For sure most of you know about a Wi-Fi device and each of the devices has a computer chip that can get hacked. And yes a Wi-Fi router can also get easily hacked. In recent times, this hacking is becoming a buzz. It is because we are hearing several hacking news worldwide. The question is that how to fix a hacked router?

Your Wi-Fi router can easily get hacked and the other bad news is that maybe you don’t even know about all this hacking. For hacking any network, a Wi-Fi router is the main focal point for hackers.

Each Wi-Fi router has firmware code that allows the hackers to change the settings of your router. Hackers are potent enough to change the Domain Name Server i.e. DNS of your router and then they will send your web request to some fake websites that are already infected with malware.

If your Wi-Fi router got hacked that does not mean that the hackers just hacked to use your internet. Using your network gives them access to other of your important data like card details, bank account details, G-mail details, etc.

In this regard, it is important for you to fix your router immediately if it got hacked. It will take you away from the issue of losing valuable data. Here is how to fix a hacked router?

Things You Should Do For Fixing Your Hacked Wi-Fi Router

Once you get to know that your router is getting hacked, you need to follow things for fixing your hacked router.

Disconnect the Internet

The very first thing you need to do for fixing your hacked Wi-Fi router is to cut off your router so the hacker will lose his control over the network and internet.

This means that you need to physically disconnect the internet connection from your Wi-Fi router. Also, you need to disable unplug the internet connection from your computer device.

Reset Your Router

Each Wi-Fi router has a button of factory default reset that is for resetting your router. Resetting your router means that it wipe out all the settings and this also includes the passwords that you added to the router. This way the hacker will not be able to control your network anymore.

After resetting, you need an admin name and password for reconfiguration of the setting of your router. You can find out the credentials on the user manual of your router or go to the respective website.

Modify the Admin Password of Your Router

Go to the admin panel and change your current password of the router by logging into your router. This will the hacker will lose control of your Wi-Fi.

Change Your Wireless Network Password

Furthermore, you need to change the password of your wireless network to connect to the Wi-Fi. It would be great to set a difficult password using uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols.

Update Your Router’s Firmware

You should update your router’s firmware on your own. It is because many routers do not have the feature of updating firmware automatically. You should frequently update your firmware for the prevention of further hacking.

Hackers may use the vulnerability of your firmware so it is great to update it consistently.

Do Some Malware Cleaning in Your PC

There are a lot of possibilities for your router getting hacked and that is simply via your computer. You can easily get hacked via any website, software, or spam mail.

This is the reason you need to do thorough scanning of your PC to stay away and clean out the malware. It would be great to have malware protection.

Begin Using Different IP Address

Get in touch with your Internet Service Provider i.e. ISP for getting your IP address change. However, this is not an essential thing all the time but it is great to have a new IP address.

IP address helps in finding you over the internet. In this regard, hackers use your IP address to find you. So changing your IP address will frustrate the hacker as he needs to do all the connection and networking again to take control.

De-Activate the Remote Administration on The Router

Remote administration is a great feature for controlling your network from anywhere you are. But it gets an issue when a hacker gets access to your remote administration. When you feel like you don’t need this feature anymore, make sure to inactive it.

How to Prevent Getting Your Router Hacked?

Note that it is not wholly possible to stay protected from being hacked. However, it is always great to be cautious and make it somehow a difficult thing for hackers. Here is how you can protect your router from getting hacked.

Consistent Updating Your Firmware

Check on frequently if you got notified of firmware updates. Whenever there I a firmware update, make sure to immediately download and install it. It is essential because the firmware update copes up with security issues.

Change Your Wi-Fi Password Regularly

This one is a great help to prevent getting hacked. Also, you should use a strong password to protect your wireless from hackers.

Deactivate Your WPS

WPS means Wi-Fi Protected Setup that enables you to let a new device connect by pushing the WPS button or it may need entering a small password.

Experts say that this feature is not much safe. In this regard, if you don’t need it make sure to keep it deactivated. This way your router will not get hacked.

Toggle ON Guest Network

This enables you to have a separate network for guests. Keeping it on will help you in securing the network connection alongside the rest of your smart home devices.

Do Not Use the Default User Name and Password

Every network has a default user name and password and this is what everyone knows. This is the reason you need to not use it. As you get a new wireless router, do the first thing that is to change your default user name and password.


All in all, these are a few and easy points that you can follow for fixing your hacked router and preventing it from getting hacked again. Also, make sure to save your network to not let it hack. Do not consider downloading stuff from suspicious websites.

Do not consider installing cracked software. And such other things, updated virus software is great to help you to. So this is the way you can solve your issue of how to fix a hacked router. Hopefully, this brief guide will help you.

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