Latest Guide: How To Hide Apps in Samsung?


You all love your Samsung smartphones right? At times we want to use it in a way that we like, what if you want to hide apps at some time or when you want to give your phone to a kid or anyone else other than you.

So, we have a complete solution to how to hide apps in Samsung? Back then, one needed to attach their Samsung Smartphones to hide apps in Samsung, but now it is easily possible without installing any app.

You can easily hide any sort of app that you want, whether it is a dating app, social media app, or any game app it is easily possible to hide it.

So, here is a complete guideline of how to hide apps in Samsung smartphones.

Effective Method to Hide Apps from Home Screen and App Drawer in Samsung

Samsung launcher accompanies an inherent component to stow away applications from both your home screen and application cabinet.

Here are the Means to Cover up Applications Utilizing Samsung Launcher

  • First of all click and hold any unfilled space on the home screen. Now select Home screen settings at the base.
  • On the other hand, open the application cabinet and click on the three-speck symbol at the top.
  • Now select Home screen settings.
click on home setting
  • Now go down in the home screen settings and click on Hide apps.
Select Hide app
  • Select the applications that you need to cover up by tapping on them. For example, I have chosen WhatsApp.
  • The chosen applications will show up at the top. Tap on Done to affirm.
Tap on Done to affirm

So, this was the entire process of how to hide apps in Samsung smartphones.

Hidden Apps

At the point when you utilize the above strategy to stow away applications on your Samsung telephone, the applications vanish from both the home screen and the application cabinet.

Be that as it may, they aren’t uninstalled. So the applications will in any case show up in the search.

You will likewise get notices from the covered-up applications. To kill notices for applications, go to Settings > Apps.

Tap on the application name and go to Notifications. Now you can easily turn off the notifications.

Covered-up applications will likewise appear on the Recent applications screen if you use them. To eliminate the application from the Recent applications screen, swipe it away.

That carries us to our next question – how to utilize hidden applications (more on that underneath).

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Usage of Hidden Apps in Samsung

Now after knowing how to hide apps in Samsung, you must be keen to know how to use the hidden apps easily without unhiding them every time you want to use them.

There are many ways to use hidden apps they are all mentioned below.


Tap on the finder search bar by opening the app cabinet on your Samsung smartphone. Now you’ll have to write the name of the app that you have hidden.

Tap on the icon of the app to open it.

Tap on the finder search bar by opening the app cabinet on your Samsung smartphone. Now you’ll have
Write the name of the app that you have hidden


Now go to the settings and then go to Apps and search for the app that you’ve hidden and then click on it and you’ll see the open icon and you may tap and open it.

go to the settings

Play Store

You have to open the google play store on your Samsung smartphone and search for the app that you’ve hidden. You will see the open button under the app and you may tap it.

Other Ways to Hide Apps in Samsung

Hide From Home Screen

If you want to remove the app from your home screen only touch and hold the app on the home screen that you want to hide and then select remove from home.

This is how you hide the app icon from the home screen. It will still be visible in searches and the apps cabinet.

Hide From Home Screen

Add Apps in a Folder

After removing it from the home screen you may create a folder in your app cabinet. Give that folder a fake or a false name so no one can recognize it by name. Then add apps of your choice that you want to hide.

You may also put several apps in the folder and then when it reaches its full number of apps on the first page you may add other apps that you want to hide on the next page.

The notion behind this is that no one would open the folder and then go through all the apps to view the hidden apps.

So these were some ways to hide the apps in Samsung. They are easy and quick if you learn them and you may use them easily.

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