Helpful Guide: How to Clean Headphones?


So, you keep your laptops mobiles and, personal computers clean but what about your headphones.

There are so many reasons to clean your headphones regularly. That’s because we use them regularly while lying down or roaming around.

So, they are exposed to a lot of earwax, germs and, microbes from all around. So, here is a complete guideline for you about how to clean your headphones.

As you know sweat can make the headphones smelly, and the earwax can clog the surface which reduces volume and sound clarity.

Once you clean the earwax and disinfect your headphones, they will become hygienic and their sound quality will improve as well.

There are so many more reasons to clean headphones, especially in this era, where you are in a pandemic, you need to take good care of your personal hygiene and keep your gadgets clean and germfree.

As u know that viruses like sars-covid-2, which can cause corona, can live up to 3 days on a plastic or a hard surface.

If you or your headphones have touched an infected surface you could spread the virus to your body as well.

Headphones increase the bacterial growth inside your ears and if they are exchanged with another person the bacteria will be transferred as well.

Staphylococcus, which is one of the most common bacteria can be easily transferred from your ear to your headphones, and its overgrowth causes an ear infection. You can avoid this by cleaning your headphones regularly.

So I’ll guide you in detail on how to clean headphones, so you can avoid all the above-mentioned problems.

Cleaning Over the Ear Headphones

Some brands are designed in a way that you could clean them easily, as they have ear cups and cables that could be removed from both ends.

If the manufacturing company has given the instructions to clean then you must follow them. So, here are a few steps for cleaning your headphones

You need to get the following things to clean your headphones

  • Rubbing alcohol 70%
  • Soft slightly wet cloth piece
  • Cotton ball
  • Paper towel /tissue
  • Water

If you are worried about alcohol damaging your headphone surface, you may test it on an outer part of it first.

Rubbing alcohol does not damage plastic or PVC normally so you don’t need to worry about it. Even if your headphones are all plastic and metal you don’t need to worry.

Steps to Clean Over-the-ear Headphones

  • You need to remove the ear cups from the headphones to more easily access the mesh under them.
  • Now with the help of your damp cloth remove any dirt or particle you see on the headphone and the ear cup. Make sure to remove all of it properly as it has a lot of bacteria on it.
  • Now put some alcohol on the cloth and clean the headphone and the ear cup properly.
  • Put some alcohol on the cotton balls and clean the corners and any other spaces left like fabric folds. Do this on both headphones and ear cup.
  • Open the headphones to their maximum size and put some alcohol on the cloth and clean them thoroughly. Clean the buttons and volume dials thoroughly as you touch them a lot and they may dirt and germs on them.
  • Put some alcohol on the cloth and clean the mesh on the speakers.
  • If your headphones have a microphone then make sure you clean them too with a cloth with alcohol on them.
  • Now clean the cable and the rubber grip near the jack with a cloth and alcohol.

Make sure that you let your alcohol dry completely before you use it again. It won’t leave any marks on the surface if you give it time to evaporate.

Cleaning in-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones are more unhygienic than over-the-ear headphones because you put them inside your ear.

Some earphones go deep inside our ear canal and form a seal due to silicon tips. This makes the sound very clear and loud but the risk of getting an infection is more.

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Things You will Need to Clean them

  • Soft cloth
  • Isopropyl-Rubbing alcohol 70%
  • Cotton balls
  • Clean cloth
  • Paper towel/tissue
  • Water
  • Soap
  • Toothpick
  • Blu-tack

If your headphones have silicon tips you could remove them and clean them separately.

Take some warm water, soap and clean them carefully and let them dry in the air. Remove the foam covers from your earphones and clean them with soap and water.

You may also clean them by applying isopropyl on them and let them dry. This will kill all the bacteria on the surface of an earphone.

Steps to Clean in-ear Headphones

  • Wipe the surface of the drivers thoroughly through a damp cloth.
  • Remove all the earwax and dirt from your speaker mesh carefully with your wooden toothpick and make sure you do not spoil the mesh while you are cleaning it.
  • To improve the sound quality of the speaker heat some blu-tack and put it on the speaker mesh and hold it there and then remove it. You may repeat it. This will clean your speaker mesh.
  • Now take a clean cloth and put some alcohol on it and clean the entire surface of the drivers and the sensors.
  • Soak some alcohol on a cotton ball and clean the speaker mesh carefully.
  • Take the cloth and again damp it with alcohol and clean the wire or any cable that it has and the rubber grip near the jack.
  • Make sure that the alcohol dries before you use it or put them back in the case.

So these were few ways to clean your headphones. Make sure you clean them twice a week so that they work properly and sound good.

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