How to Screenshot on Samsung S21?

How to Screenshot on Samsung S21

The Samsung s21 is made for the epic every day. The Samsung s21 with its new stylish design was made so you could cherish and capture life’s ordinary and extraordinary moments. It records your videos in cinema-quality with the ability to record in 8k.

It has a  64MB camera which takes still shots that are so amazing and clear no matter what time of the day it is. The amazing display makes scrolling feel faster and smooth like silk. It is also easy on eyes for the viewing purpose.

If you own this amazing smartphone Samsung s21 it is necessary to know how to screenshot on Samsung s21. A screenshot is a screen capture or a digital image of the contents of the computer or mobile display.

The screenshot is captured by the software running or the operating system on the device that is powering the display. In 1960 the first screenshots were created with the first interactive computers. The screenshots were added in Androids in version 4.0 (ice-cream sandwich).

Most screenshots were taken by pressing the volume down and the power button altogether but now there are more ways to take a screenshot. Every set has different ways to take screenshots.

As you know screenshots are a part of our daily lives.  We all like to screenshot and save information from our phones. Screenshot helps you to save an image or information that you want to save for further use. It is also used to gather proof for something that has happened in the past.

The screenshot is the first thing that you want to take when you want to capture a chat and you may want to forward it to other people in your contact.

You may want to save a recent chat or message before the other person deletes it. That is why people say, ‘screenshot or it didn’t happen.’

It’s a matter of seconds, where you can take a screenshot and edit it and forward it to someone through Watsapp, Twitter or telegram, or some other platform. It is very simple to take a screenshot on the s21 but it might be different from many other Android smartphones.

If you own a Samsung s21 I will let you know how to screenshot it. You can use three different ways to take a screenshot on the Samsung s21. Following are few ways of taking screenshots on Samsung s21.

Use of Power and Volume Down Button to Take a Screenshot

When you find the screen that you want to take a screenshot of, you need to press and hold the power and volume down buttons together for one second. You will now see a flash for a second on the screen.

A mini screenshot will also appear in a circle which you will see on the bottom corner of your phone with few strings of icons. You will click on Preview in the circle to edit or crop the screenshot.  So, that’s the way how to screenshot using the volume down and power button.

Use of Palm to take a Screenshot

Using palm to take a screenshot is another genuine way to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy s21. You can swipe your palm over the screen to take the screenshot. You can swipe the palm of your hand from right to left or left to right.

A screenshot would be taken in both ways. You will see a flash when you take the screenshot. You will also get to see a small screenshot in the bottom corner. 

If you want to add text to it, edit or crop it you can click on the mini screenshot. You see this was how to take a screenshot on Samsung s21 using the palm of your hand.

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Use of Digital Assistant to Take a Screenshot

You can also take a screenshot with the help of a digital assistant. It is taken by using Bixby or Google Assistant. You will have to activate Bixby by tapping and holding the Power button.

You can access Google Assistant by swiping up from the bottom corner of your phone. When you see the voice prompt you will have to say, ‘take a screenshot.’ You will see a flash when the screenshot is taken.

 After that, the screenshot will appear in a small size in the bottom corner of the screen. You can click on it to add text, edit or crop the screenshot. This was the procedure of taking screenshots with the use of a digital assistant.

So these were three methods of taking screenshots on Samsung Galaxy s21. These methods are simple and easy to apply. Once you are familiar with them and learn to use them taking a screenshot will become so easy. 

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How to Screenshot an Entire App?

It is also possible to take a screenshot of an entire app window. If you are surfing on an app or a webpage that is longer than the screen you can extend your screenshot down to get the whole scene.

When you are done taking the screenshot you can view an icon which is next to screenshot preview and shown as two arrows. The two arrows were pointing down inside a box.

You will have to tap and hold it while the page will scroll down. You can release the button when you have got the desired page as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to power off Samsung s21?

To power off Samsung s21, you need to swipe down to access the quick settings pane and then click on the power icon and select whether you want to power off or restart your device. You can also do it by pressing the side button and volume down button altogether. It will give you access to the power off and restart option.

Samsung s21 ultra is a 5G phone or not?

Yes, it is a 5g phone. All of the Samsung S series models which are galaxy s21, s21 plus, and s21 ultra are 5g enabled.

What is the price of the Samsung galaxy s21?

The starting price of the Samsung s21 is $799. The storage capacity is 128 GB and it has 8MB RAM. The starting price of the Samsung galaxy s21 plus is $999 and the galaxy s21 ultra starts from $1199.

What is the procedure of taking a screenshot on other models of Samsung phones?

The procedure of taking screenshots depends on what model you have. How to take a screenshot on a Samsung phone can have the same steps but they could be a bit different. For instance, pressing the side button and the volume down button at the same time can take a screenshot on many models but the keys will be located at different places in all models. In addition, some models of Samsung may support a palm swipe to take a screenshot while some of them would support using a voice assistant like Google Assistant or Bixby for taking a screenshot. You can use it by saying, ‘Hi Bixby, take a screenshot.’

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