How to Upload Video on Youtube?


Youtube is the world’s biggest video platform with 2 billion users. If you are a content creator or social media lover you can easily understand how to upload video on Youtube. If you have good content you can increase your followers and influence people through uploading videos on the Youtube. To get even more views, you should consider buying youtube views, as well.

So here comes the question, how to upload video on Youtube? Nonetheless, getting your substance on YouTube isn’t as simple as recording and altering the video, transferring, and tossing it out into the world. It is not difficult to understand how to upload video on Youtube.

There are numerous components engaged with setting up, tweaking, and transferring a video. Regardless of whether you need to motivate, engage, teach, or offer something to your intended interest group, this is a step-by-step guide to tell you how to upload video on Youtube?

Using the Mobile App

1) Open the YouTube application. It has a red-and-white symbol which is marked as “YouTube.” You can find it on your home screens or in your applications menu.

YouTube should come preinstalled on all telephones and tablets, however on the off chance that you don’t have it, you can download it from the App Store (iPhone/iPad) or Play Store (Android).

Interface with a Wi-Fi network before transferring video to dodge information charges. If you are not signed in automatically you can sign in on your google account or your youtube account linked to it.

2) Tap your profile photo at the top right corner of the screen which will open up the menu.

3) Tap “YOUR CHANNEL” which is on the top of the menu.

4) Click the camera/video icon on the right side of the bar which appears to be on top of the screen. If you are uploading it for the first time you’ll have to permit to access your photo, videos and, microphone.

5) Select a video by opening the list of videos on your phone or your tablet. You can upload 15 minutes video by default and for longer videos, you’ll have to verify your account.

6) If you want to edit your video in the end you can do that as well. To cut it short bring sliders on the edges of the timeline at the bottom of the screen to start and endpoints of your own choice.

If you want to add an artistic filter you can click the magic wand icon. It is in the upright corner on android and at the bottom of the screen on the iPhone. If you want to add any music you can click the music note.

7) Click NEXT on the upright corner to go to the next step.

8) Next step is to enter a title on the video which should be 100 characters long and must be according to your content.

9) Next step is to enter a description that is optional but recommended. Information in the description will show below your video while it’s playing. You can add keywords to this area so that your video can appear in relevant searches.

10) Next step is to choose from the privacy menu. You can make it public so that anyone on Youtube can view it. You can make it unlisted so that anyone with the video link can watch it. When you make it private only you can watch the video when you are online.

11) If you want to add the location to the video you can by clicking location under the Privacy header. If you want to select a location from the search result you can enter the address and name of the place in the search bar.

12) Last step is to upload a video on youtube. For this, you need to click UPLOAD on the upper right corner. If you want tags on this video so that people can find it easily you can click the three-dot menu on the video and then select edit and then list tags in the ‘Tags’ field and you should separate it by commas.

Using the Computer

1) You can go to in any web browser. You can sign-in on the youtube account and can upload a video directly from the webpage.

2) The next step is to click the upload icon/camera icon with a plus sign and click UPLOAD VIDEO. It’s in the upper right corner next to the profile picture. It will open the YOUTUBE VIDEO webpage with UPLOAD VIDEO in the center of the page.

3) Drag your video document to the bolt on the window. On the other hand, you can tap the blue SELECT FILE button, peruse the record on your PC, and afterward click Open. Both of these alternatives will start setting up the video for transfer.

You can transfer recordings as long as 15 minutes long of course. On the off chance that you need to transfer longer recordings (as long as 12 hours), you should confirm your record first.

If you need to transfer a video DVD to YouTube, spare the film to your PC first. YouTube upholds transferred to video in the following formats: MOV, MPEG4, MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEG-PS, FLV, 3GPP, WebM, DNxHR, ProRes, CineForm, HEVC (h265).

4) Add a video title and description. The description is optional but recommended. The title should be 100 words long. You should choose a catchy title according to the content of the video.

5) The next step is to click a thumbnail you want to use. The video’s thumbnail is the still photograph that speaks to the video on your divert and in query items. Snap one of the recommended thumbnails to utilize as a thumbnail.

Then again, you can click Upload Thumbnail and select your picture to use as a thumbnail. Snap the picture you need to utilize and click Open. You can change or alter your thumbnail at whatever point you need.

6) In this step, you can select whether the video is for kids or not. If it’s for kids you can click the radio button next to Yes if it’s not for kids click NO.

7) Click MORE OPTIONS if you want to add more options. When you are done with it click NEXT in the lower right corner.

8) Add and END SCREEN or cards to your video and click NEXT

9) The next step is to select visibility whether you want to keep it private, unlisted, or public.

10) The next step is to schedule a date if you want to go public and it is optional.

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