How to Fix Headphone Jack?

Have you ever been irritated by your roommate, colleague, or classmate interrupting your Zen mode so you decide to put some music on to cancel the noise in the background?

So, you grab your headphones from your bag, plug them in only to realize that maybe your headphones are causing you trouble. After plugging and unplugging it several times you conclude that your headphone jack needs to be fixed. Well, that’s a bummer. Not anymore!

Because today you will be learning how to fix your headphones jack. Firstly, you have to make sure that you require to fix the headphone jack.

Here are several reasons you might be confused with other complications:

  1. Your headphones have collected dust due to frequent use. Check your earbuds in that case. Clean your earbuds with a cotton bud to clear off space.
  2. Headphone jack might be stuck and improperly placed due to the device’s case placement or the size of the plug.
  3. Your device sound is off or on mute.
  4. Your device is connected to another device such as television or air pods or Bluetooth.

If it’s not one of these then it’s time to fix your headphone jack. Let’s get started!

Repair Kit to Fix your Headphone Jack

Here are some tools kit to fix your Headphones Jack.

  • new aux jack
  • wire cutter
  • wire stripper
  • soldering iron tool
  • lighter and a multimeter to check the current flow
  • a plastic and metal sleeve, and an electrical tape.

Things you need to know before Fixing the Headphone Jack

Color coding of the wires of Headphone Jack

  1. Copper-ground
  2. Green-right
  3. Blue-microphone
  4. Red- left

Sequence of the Wires

  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Copper
  4. Blue

Steps to Fix Headphone Jack

Cut the Wire: Start with cutting the wire leaving 2 cm length behind the jack. Use a wire cutter for this step.

Wire Stripper: After cutting the wire, strip off the plastic covering the wires. It should be around 2 to 3 cm in width. This step can also be performed with a pair of scissors but with caution and care.

Use Multimeter Continuity Function Device: This step is to check whether or not the wires are still functional to repair and use. This is done by connecting the wires individually to the multimeter and check the reading.

If the reading is zero, the wire is considered unfixable. If it shows a reading that means your headphones can be fixed.

Separate the Wires: Clean the jack first by using a cotton swab or blowing off the dust with air or a dryer.Soldering simply means joining the wires together.

Start with red wire collect all the red wires and solder them together. Then green, copper and lastly blue. Repeat the same process with each one of them.

In case you don’t have the required armamentarium to solder you can also fix the headphone jack with tape or a lighter.

To Solder with a Tape: Collect individual wires with the same colors and tape them all together.

To Solder with a Lighter: Collect the wires with the same colors together and place the lighter in front of them. Just as the metal starts melting remove the lighter and carefully use your fingers to join them up.

Placement on the Jack: To place your wires on the jack.

  1. Solder the left i.e., red wire to the left terminal.
  2. Then Solder the right i.e., green wire to the right terminal.
  3. Solder the copper wire to the ground.
  4. And lastly, solder the blue wire to the microphone compartment.

Protect your Headphone Jack: Put a plastic sleeve over the wires and then use electrical tape to further protect. Take a metal sleeve to cover the plastic wrappings and connect it to the jack and that’s all.

Tips to save your Headphone

Here are few tips to save your Headphone from breaking.

  1. do not use your headphone while laying down. The wirings may loosen up!
  2. Periodically clean the earbuds for better quality.
  3. Avoid keeping them in an unorganized manner.
  4. Avoid stretching the wires beyond their length.
  5. Invest in good quality headphones in the first place.
  6. Do not twist the wirings especially near the headphone jack.


To fix your headphone jack you need to be sure that this is the reason why your headphones are not working. After being completely sure you will need some tools and acknowledgment to carry on to further step to fix your headphone jack.

There are several ways to fix the headphone jack. One of which is to cut and strip the wire, solder it and connect it with the jack. The old jack may or may not be used depending on the condition of the headphone jack.

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