What are the Best Tiktok Tips and Tricks?

Tiktok is a free social media app similar to Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. But unlike the multiple options those apps offer to users, Tiktok is limited to short videos of up to 59 seconds. Its main attractions are the music dance videos and lip-syncing. Tiktok is a relatively new app but has fame rivaled to none others. It has garnered millions of users since its launch in September of 2016.

The audience that Tiktok attracts is mostly millennials, yet it is not limited to that. The app has a diverse field of users ranging from grownups to kids that make various content of all genres. Tiktok has gained much love and support over the years and continues to grow.

It has allowed many people to get famous and recognized worldwide. It has even become a source of income for many users. Keeping up the game and yourself part of the competition takes time. These are the top Tiktok tips and tricks you can use to make yourself into a star to help you with that.

Keeping up with Tiktok Trends

Tiktok is all about the latest and craziest trends. If you’re already on the bandwagon, you already know how important it is to keep up with these trends. Yet if you’re new and just starting, then let’s guide you through.

It is easy to find out what is trending these days. If you visit the discover page, you find out what’s on top. From there, you can see the top trending hashtags and videos. Clicking on it will open up a plethora of videos from which you can find out what is ‘in’ these days.

Trends work in mysterious ways. Any content you or someone else makes can garner attention, which is then followed and recreated by thousands making it a trend.

Keep it Short and Interesting

The best content is the shortest. Ideally, having content that is 15-20 seconds is the most attractive one. Long videos make people lose interest fast and move on.

Keeping videos short increases the watch time and completion rates of the videos. This is important to the Tiktok algorithm and makes your video more available to viewers.

Following up on hits

Following up on videos that have been viewed more than usual and gain some attention is essential. If a video that gained attention is followed up, it attracts more people to you. You should quickly respond, recreate and make other videos linked to the original one.

Once you get responses in a huge wave, it keeps adding to your popularity that will only grow when follow-ups are done. You must follow up fast.

If too much time has passed, it won’t be helpful to make the follow-up content then. Once the limelight has shifted, it is impossible to bring it back on the same thing again.

Learn all about Tiktok app

Before you start your Tiktok journey, learn about this app. Tiktok gives its users many options. From making videos to uploading them, you have an option for everything.

For example, you can use the Tiktok camera to make videos and upload them directly, but you also have an option to upload videos from your gallery or camera roll.

Experts recommend that you upload videos from your camera roll as you can pre-make the videos, join various clips together, edit and schedule a time for when to upload.

There are many options when making a Tiktok video that you can use to make your video exciting and fun. It would help explore all these options like illusions effects, green screen, funny filters, and many more.

Also, the main highlight of Tiktok is the endless range of music and lip sync audios that you can choose from. It would help if you looked into those options before you start to upload videos online.

Make Connections and Collaborations

Tiktok, like other social media apps Intagram, Facebook and Whatsapp, connects millions of people around the world regardless of their race, ethnicity, culture, and religion.

Watching different people duet-ing on a song, dance, or lip-sync video attracts a lot of positive attention. Tiktok gives you the option of direct messaging other users through which you can talk and make friends.

Making collaboration videos with other famous or up-and-coming users is also a great way to increase your audience while being introduced to different people and making friends.

Bottom Line

Tiktok has become a sensation and has helped people like Charlie D’Amelio, Addison Rae, Spenser X, and many more to showcase their talents and make a living out of them. Tiktok has allowed millions of people to express themselves and be recognized artistically.

The community has turned into one of friendship and opened gateways to success. Hopefully, with these Tiktok tips and tricks, anyone can make a name for themselves in the TikTok world.

If you want to know more about social media then check other blog posts on our website.

Faizan Ali
Digital Marketing Strategist and SEO Expert

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