Is Santa Going to Visit Virtually This Christmas?


Everyone is concerned about Santa is going to visit virtually this Christmas? Most of us are not expecting to meet or interact with Santa this year due to the Covid pandemic.

Unfortunately, kids have to see Santa online this time. Santa is a symbol of giving gifts to reflect the best humanity possesses. Also, Santa is the name and emblem of providing all the presents there is possibly in heaven and on earth. 

Do you want relief from the thought of him whether he will visit virtually this Christmas?

Luckily, some elves are working hard and putting all their efforts into making him see this year too. Santa will meet you, but he also wants every kid to be safe and stay at ho-ho-ho-home.

Moreover, the year 2020 has already brought some unpleasant changes to the world. All our lifestyles and Christmas holidays has to suffer too. But we can still save it by arranging a video call with him on zoom.

Also, our kids yet have a chance to get a picture with our beloved Santa and tell him their wish lists. Some companies are trying to get every kid the most awaited message from our Santa.

It can be a recorded message, or if you are lucky enough, your kids will have a chance to have a little chit-chat with him. 

Following are some of the ways to visit virtually this Christmas:

North Pole Meetings

North Pole meetings is trying to arrange some Santa visits for you. They are trying to reach every house and visit virtually this year.

Furthermore, there will be a survey which you will fill according to your need or group strength. Then they will schedule your call. Its time duration will be up to your survey.

Also, you can also pay for some extra time. Do not forget to keep in mind that you should approach them for at least two days to get the call.


JingleRing is providing an excellent opportunity for you to visit virtually this year. They are charging a reasonable price from you and providing you a video recorded message or a live call with sensitive Santa and Mrs. Claus.

You can specify your beliefs, ethnicity, and language, and you will have Santa at your house. There will be a recording facility which can make you able to keep this cheerful meeting as a beautiful memory. 

Sam’s Club Santa Visit Virtually This Christmas

If you have a picture-holding account in Sam’s club, here is the good news. You can get Santa’s call without paying a single penny. Now your kids will have the chance to sit and have a word with Santa for five minutes.

Furthermore, you may also get the video call recording for keeping sake. You can instruct them with some of the things, and it will be a customized, prepared conversation. 

Santa App

You must be wondering that we celebrate Christmas every year, and no one has ever come up with an app for it? You have thought right about it.

Also, there are numerous apps where you can get a visit virtually this year. Just make sure to get through the reviews and ratings. You must know what you are getting. 

Zoom Call to Santa Visit Virtually This Year

Zoom is saving so many lives in this pandemic. It does not matter if some firm has meetings or students attending their online classes or you meeting and chatting with your loved ones through video calling.

Also, there are many impersonators available to meet your kids via zoom call. The call will cost you no extra charges. You will have to pay for the Santa. You can ask your parents too to become one for their grandchildren. 

Become Santa Yourself

You can be the last hope for your family this Christmas. Having a face-to-face meeting with Santa is better at all levels. It is always a great idea to impersonate yourself and become the Santa of your house.

It will contain minimal consequences, and your family will be experiencing a physical meeting with Santa and sit on his lap for listening stories. Purchase or rent the costume online, and homemade Santa is ready. 


Do not let this pandemic effect Christmas. Christmas eve is the most awaited occasion for the kids. You would never want anyone or anything to take it away from them.

Let this Christmas a bit different this time. Let Santa visit virtually this Christmas. Moreover, you can get the Christmas grottos by shopping through online stores.

There should be general awareness about sanity and wearing masks. Kids listen to their ideals, and no one can make them explain better than Santa.

Santa should give the good kids extra gifts to keep their hands washed and sanitized and wearing the masks regularly. Merry Christmas!

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