Experience Virtual Christmas Party This Year, But How?


The yearly holidays are finally here for which we always wait. Yes, the Christmas holidays. Although this time it is going to be a bit different due to the Corona pandemic. Have you ever wondered to experience a virtual Christmas party?

Do not let this pandemic and stress get this holiday spent without fun. It is a bit unusual to have such parties, but why it will be a new thing to experience a virtual Christmas party.

Most of the offices are entirely or half-closed and working from home so they can avoid any risk of physical interaction. The offices have found an innovative and exciting approach to experience a virtual Christmas party this time on zoom. 

We cannot wait for the vaccine or solution and ruin this holiday so easily. Companies are investing in digital ceremony and activities. It is a way to give the employees some motivation, especially for those who are frustrated with isolation.

The question that comes to your mind is how we can experience a virtual Christmas party? It is a legit question, though. This party will be conducting a series of events to keep the audience engaged in entertainment. 

Some of the suggestions to Experience Virtual Christmas Party are as follows:

Games and Activities for Virtual Christmas Party

Online Bingo

You can arrange a bingo game to experience Virtual Christmas Party in which the participants can interact with each other in the chat or call sessions.

They should also be allowed to play in teams. It will follow the basic rules of the bingo game. The difference will be assigning different tasks to complete.

People can finish and get a check after verifying it. The first person to complete their five boxes will win. It can be even more appealing by adding gifts and other incentives. 

Enigma Murder

It can be a digitally designed app game in which one will be the murderer confidentially. The others will try their best to possibly gather all the clues and find out who might have done it?

What was the cause behind it, and what was the choice of weapon? It can be either individually or in groups. The winners will get motivation if there will be a winning prize. 

Live Concerts

Since we all know that the Corona has disrupted the concerts because of avoiding socializing, it can be a great chance to call out the singers online, and they will entertain the crowd with their mesmerizing voices and other talent related to music.

It can also provide others to use this platform to show their hidden talent for singing. 

Scavenger Hunt

It is so unpleasant to experience virtual Christmas party without the scavenger hunt. In this game, instead of getting real physical props, you can ask participants to come up with the best innovative ideas or with a great story to tell or a song to sing.

It can also include some tricky questions to answer. Whoever submits first will win.

Spin the Bottle

Is it not exciting to experience a virtual Christmas party with a round of “Spin the Bottle”? There will be a circle where the bottle will spin, and whoever it is at the pointing end of the bottle will have to complete the given tasks.

Tasks can include telling some revealing secrets about themselves or perform some little daring tasks then the bottle will be spined again. 

Home Chef

You can run a cooking master contest in which the participants will be cooking what they are best at describing and recording their recipes and present it in the end to the others.

When everyone has done, there will be some judges to select one best among the rest. People will be free to exchange the recipes for trying out something new at their homes next time. 


In this game, one participant will take out a paper and pen, and they will have a movie name in private. They will start drawing the picture, and their team members will be guessing it before the drawing completes.

It will be a score counting game and the team with the most points will win the prize. 

Dumb Charades

There, people will be having the name of some song or place or movie, and they will be telling it to the team members through the hand or body gestures.

Speaking or any other type of interaction will not be allowed. If the team guesses it right in the given time, they will score a point. The group with the most scores will get the title as a winner. 


This time it will be a little hard for Santa to make your holiday exciting. But why are we depending on him? If social gatherings and fairs are not happening for our good, do not miss the chance to experience a virtual Christmas party.

It was a prototype to include your audience on the zoom call and enjoy playing games and contests and sharing different relaxing activities.

It can also have a house party, crossword puzzles, Christmas card making, workshops about fashion, makeup, art, and craft, etc. The world is already stressed and frustrated by this pandemic. Do not let this fun and exciting holiday event die. Merry Christmas!

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