What Is Autotune: An Overview

What Is Autotune: An Overview

Do you know autotune, one of the most reviled innovations, was invented by a mining engineer who used it as a seismology tool? Autotune has greatly impacted how the world of music production works. Most songs appearing on every chart-topping album for the past 20 years have successfully used an autotune.

So, what is autotune? You might have come across or heard the word autotune as the rage of the music industry but never understood what it means. If so, you are in the right place.

Read on as we explain what autotune is and what makes it popular.

What Is Autotune?

Autotune is a pitch correction software that automatically corrects pitch in voices and instruments that are out of tune. The software detects incorrect pitches on vocals using an algorithm and then adjusts them with an equalizer or digital vibratoless effect. Pitch correction ensures all vocals are perfectly on key.

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Autotune was first created in 1997 by Antares Audio Technology, an organization specializing in creating audio processors for sound engineers. Today there are various types of autotunes available.

The type of autotune to be used relies on the application needed. For example, some autotunes are used for special effects, while others are used to make subtle corrections.

Autotune technology is used when recording different types of music, from rock, hip hop, and rap to local dialect songs. It is also used outside recording studios, especially in tv shows or live performances.

What Is Autotune Used For?

Musicians utilize autotune for various reasons. First, it helps musicians to add originality and uniqueness to their songs. It also helps them to fix their songs to sound more professional. Finally, it is also used to fix off-tempo music and add effects.

If you have a live stream production, you can also benefit greatly from using autotune.

Main Reasons Why Artists Use Autotune

Artists use autotune for different reasons. However, these are the primary reasons:

Add Originality and Uniqueness to Their Songs

Autotune can help you add originality to your songs. This is because it gives you the ability to manipulate the sound of your voice. For instance, you can use autotune to make your voice sound higher or lower.

You can also use autotune to create a robotic or machine-like voice. This is popular in electronic dance music and other similar genres. If you want to add uniqueness to your songs, autotune is the way to go.

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Fix Their Songs to Sound More Professional

Many times, artists use autotune to fix their songs and make them sound more professional. This is because autotune can help you correct pitch problems and other similar issues.

If you want your songs to sound more polished and professional, autotune is a great option.

Fix Off-Tempo Music and Add Effects

Autotune can also fix off-tempo music. This is because the software can automatically correct pitch problems.

In addition, autotune can also add effects to your songs. For instance, you can use autotune to create a vibrato effect.

Discover What Is Autotune

Autotune is a word that has been hitting the music industry headlines for years now. Understanding what autotune is will help you know how it has impacted the music production industry.

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