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X box is a video game brand launched by Microsoft. It has come a long way since the past few years. This year, Microsoft is coming with a bang of introducing its two X box series X and S. This year’s series S and X comes with a price range of $499 and $299. With major upgraded specs and variations of a new feature, Microsoft is set to launch these consoles on November 10.

With promising new features and impressive specs, will it set new records in the gaming world, or would it not make much of a difference compared to the last year’s models? Well, don’t be hypothetical, as, in this article, we are going to enlighten you with all the pros and cons of this beast.


This year, Microsoft claims its X box to be the best of all. The specifications of the Xbox series X is all set to shake the grounds of the gaming world. The framework is designed to run the majority of games at 4k with 60 frames per second. This year’s X box comes with 2 variant called series X and S.

Both are equipped with remarkable and the most powerful specs to be introduced in an X box series till now. However, X box series X can run a game at a resolution of 8k with 120 frames per second, making it quite an exception from others. It comes with 1TB SDD storage with a ram of 16 GB GDDR6, the most powerful specs to be introduced by now.

Game-wise, the series X won’t make much of a difference.  The games set to run on this console are likely to run on the previous models, except the games that require KINECT. You can also use all the previous accessories used in the older consoles with this year’s Xbox series X, which means we will enjoy one of the best Xbox One headsets.

Microsoft claims that it is the first console to be ever made, which supports ray tracing technology. This technology put Xbox series X one step ahead of the PlayStation 5; with this technology, Microsoft has introduced real life experience to the gaming world. 


This year’s Xbox series X with NVMe SSD opens the new gates of speed and enhancement. Users are going to experience more power than usual. The new feature called direct storage is introduced in the upcoming console, which will also be added on PCs. This feature will allow the users to offload the asset streaming task, which is mainly handled by the CPU. To reduce the installation time, Microsoft is set to release a newly designed cloud system called “Project XCLoud.” This will allow the streamers to jump into the game even before the installation is complete. The next big thing is that you will be able to resume multiple minimized games simultaneously during the updates. Moreover, you will be able to save your data even if the console is unplugged.

This year’s console comes with a more improved and better controller. The Xbox series X controller comes with a wily d-pad, which accelerates your gaming experience. The controller is also coming with the video and screenshot sharing button, which makes it an exception from the last year’s models. Xbox series X comes with a massive upgrade, hardware-wise. 

Microsoft has also introduced two new features, which are ALLM (auto low latency mode) and VRR (variable refresh rate). The ALLM allows the console to automatically set the screen display to its optimized latency mode, which results in less lag. However, VRR, on the other hand, optimizes the displays refresh rate according to the screens resolution resulting in enhancement and amplification of the gaming experience.


Talking about the design of Xbox series X, it possesses an entirely unique tower-like design as compared to the previous models. With a completely different cubic-tower shape, the console can be placed vertically and horizontally.

This year’s console is coming in black color with a classic opening at the top, claimed to be a cooling system (a green like shade glazing out of it). The Xbox logo is designed at the top left corner of the console; it also includes a disc drive in a similar place. It comes with three USB 3.2 ports, HDMI 2.1 port, an expanded storage slot, and a networking port. The upcoming console will be measuring 15.1cm x 15.1 cm x 30.1 cm and weighs about 4.45 kilograms.


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