ZTE AXON 30 Pro Comes with Samsung’s 200MP Sensor Being a GameChanger


The very first worldwide commercial smartphone with an under-display camera was 20 Pro. The shocking fact is that it is still the only available smartphone in the market having this feature.

Now this company officially announced the accomplished cellphone set that is Axon 20 Pro, also known as ZTE Axon 30 pro. 

Some of the leaks for this device shows that it is quite good looking. Leaks also mention that this ZTE Axon 30 Pro will be known as a camera smartphone, and all praise is for the 200MO sensor.

This is what makes this device a rock. Here are some more details about this camera-centric device. 

We all know that a camera with 108 megapixels is quite common now. Most of the flagship models of Samsung have it. Apart from this, The Chinese company Xiaomi has also used the sensor in their mid-range devices.

But the point is that 108 megapixels were actually the beginning. The time is to introduce a 200-megapixel camera by ZTE in the smartphone market. The source behind all this information is Weibo by the blog WHYLAb.  

200MP Sensor a Game Changer

Following the Weibo Post, the next flagship device, the ZTE Axon 30 Pro, equips a 200 million pixel sensor camera that will be a game changer. The sensor is created by the well-known company Samsung.

Most of us know about Samsung that they were working on the advancement of their camera, and this could be the result of it. All praise is for the leaks that make us know the model number of the sensor that is S5KGND. The camera’s sensor size is 1/1.37º, 1.28um pixel size, and a pixel focus size of 0.64um. 


The leaker’s post suggests that it comes with the whopping 200MP camera sensor on the backside of the phone. However, another notable point is that the leaker does not confirm this news. Weibo emphasis that SD888 is capable enough for supporting a lens of the level. 

Apart from this, the camera sensor also makes use of the photo binning technique. Either the technique could be quad pixel binning creating an image of 50MP or with the 16:1 pixel binning that ends up producing a 12.5MP photo.

Other features of this upcoming flagship device are dual ISO, 16K video output support, and quad-core focus.

Also, the news is that it would be a ZTE axon 30 pro 5G device, which is another big hit. Following the leaks, the device is said to be the strongest imaging system of the year 2021. 

For sure, the true selling point of this ZTE Axon 30 pro 5G would be the under-display selfie camera. If the device gives quality because of the sensor so it will be the biggest win on the hands. 

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