10 Best Study Apps for Students: Save Your Time and Make Studying More Interesting

10 Best Study Apps for Students: Save Your Time and Make Studying More Interesting

When you are studying, you are usually surrounded by countless notes and scribbles, and you know you easily get lost in them. It doesn’t take much to get distracted, right?

Well, not if you use any of the apps listed below. Check out the best 10 study apps students can use nowadays.

1. RefME

Citing and quoting in different writing styles can be frustrating unless you use this nifty app, RefMe. All you need is to scan the barcode of the book or other resource to have it properly formatted in MLA, APA, Chicago, or other.

2. Evernote

As we know, studying sometimes requires a lot of space for all the notes we take. Evernote is a tool that enables capturing a note regardless of its format.

Everything works, from web clips to audio files or even handwritten notes. Save space and, most importantly, save time with this one.

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3. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best apps to use for saving and sharing your documents and everything you work on. It is especially suitable for small enterprises and entrepreneurs since it makes teamwork easier.

Nobody wants to depend on any device in case of crushing or malfunctioning. Access your Google drive from anywhere.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is probably one of the handiest apps for students who want to quickly and easily improve their writing and deliver great content. Grammarly automatically scans your document for errors and suggestions, paying special attention to the context and writing style.

5. Notion

Students rely on Notion when they need to organize their time wisely. It is perceived as one of the best tools available to manage projects, including personal, business, or academic ones.

Additionally, features that come with it allow the users to take notes, list tasks, draw, and much more.

6. Timetable

Unlike other digital diaries and similar products, Timetable is an app that focuses on educational schedules and timetables.

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It is not only made for adding classes and times, but you can also add your papers, homework, and other materials like tests and exams.

7. SwiftScan

A lot of books and references are used when studying. There is no doubt about that. The bad news is that some of such books can only be accessed in the reading space. So you end up in a situation where you have to scan and copy many pages quickly.

That’s where SwiftScan jumps in. This app will give better quality than you get with taking mobile camera pictures. Easily share your content via email or other channels.

8. Sleep Cycle

Pulling all-nighters is not always a good idea. Students often happen to break sleeping patterns and seem like they can’t catch enough of the rest.

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Sleep Cycle is an app that focuses on setting healthy sleep patterns so that students get enough rest. The app will keep an eye on your compliance with the schedule.

9. Photomath

Math can be stressful at times, and we can all agree on that. Photomath is an app that helps with solving even the most complex math problems.

Its nature appeals to mathematicians but comes in handy to those who have issues with math. Lots of animated step-by-step instructions, calculators, and graphics will make math fun for anybody.

10. CoinKeeper

Budget tracking apps can be very helpful for students. CoinKeeper is a great app with an intuitive design that lets you record every penny you spend.

The app will alert you if you spend too much during the month. You can even import bank transactions into the app. Drag and drop the coins from your accounts to evident the spending.