Celebration of 25th Anniversary of Pokemon


The original work of making playing cards that is the inspiration of Nintendo’s enduring brand celebrates 25th anniversary of Pokemon this weekend.

The game’s primary concept is to capture and enslave the animals and forcing them to fight with each other. 

Basics of Pokemon

While playing Pokemon, you get into the role of a trainer that scour the countryside for the creatures.

You have a Poke Ball for capturing creatures inside it, and then you begin nurturing and training them. 

Pokemon is flexible enough to gain new abilities with the evolvement of larger and more potential creatures.

There is a point where you need to assemble a team of Pokemon. You use that team to fight and battle with the other trainers in a quest to be. The theme song of this cartoon also put it in the best way. 

From the humble beginning of this cute card and video game, now Pokemon got exploded with several toys, clothes, and a good-budget Hollywood movie with Ryan Reynolds. 

This all deserves to get celebrate as its Pokemon 25th anniversary. 

Pokemon Trivia

Here are three points about this cute creature.

  • The work Pokemon was introduced by contracting two words, which are; Pocket and Monster. 
  • The name of Pikachu is created from two sounds that are “Pika” for the sparkling and fizzing of electricity and “Chu” for the squeaking sound of a mouse. 
  • The original games boast 152 different pokemon, but for purists, it’s the best one. 

This is why its fans are excited for Pokemon 25th anniversary. 

This creature’s first releases include Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, which is the remake of the Nintendo DS originals for Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Legends Arceus that is an adventure set in the Sinnoh’s past region. This also resembles the blend of Pokemon Stadium and Breath of the wild.

This will also get released on Nintendo Switch soon in the year 2022. This game is a significant diversion from its usual turn-based fights and wholly controlled exploration of the Pokemon game.

The game comprises of all the free movements and wild creatures roaming all around in an open world. 

These are the new nostalgic games with deeper fondness that the earlier generation of Pokemon players is now in their 20s.

This makes them crave the original Nintendo DS games and their stability for the cute creatures.

Like the other Nintendo’s other venerable series, Mario and Zelda celebrate their 35th anniversary like Pokemon 25th anniversary. 

Now Pokemon is a cross-generational game because of its players who priory enjoyed the adventures on Monochrome game boys who have their own kids. 

Now is the time when Pokemon turns 25 years old, and there is Pokemon 25th anniversary making its fans happy. 

Best Selling Game

Pokemon comes under the list of all bestselling video game series all over the world. In the March of 2020, 368m copies have been sold across its many titles.

It is quite popular from the time it surges to the forefront of pop culture in the 1990s and then made its place in 2016.

The new version of Niantic’s Pokemon Go boasts millions of people catching critters on smartphones. 

New Release

There will also be a new release of Pokemon that is a sequel of the 1999’s Pokemon photography game on the Nintendo 64. As it’s now 25 years so Pokemon 25th anniversary is getting celebrated. 

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