How to Turn Off Avast? 3 Steps to Disabled Avast


Are you worried because of not knowing how to turn off Avast? You do not have to stress yourself about it. First of all, Avast is a top-rated antivirus, but it has an effective approach for other tasks too.

It includes a scanner for your network’s security, browser safety, password security management, etc. It combines so many cool and significant features, but the thing that puts a cherry on top is free of any cost. 

Although there is no competition of Avast with paid protection software, it rules among the free ones. However, it has spoiled its rating in a way that Kaspersky has overtaken its place in 2020.

That too does not cost a single penny of yours and provides even better performance. Talking about Avast, it is still the best option for Android users. But we would recommend being careful when you are operating its free solutions on Windows. 

Now, we are moving on to the discussion of how to turn off Avast. Switching it off does not necessarily mean you have to go to the Control Panel and remove the whole software from your system. There are some tricks from which you can turn off its scanning operation. 

Why Knowing How to Turn off Avast? 

Avast has smart and advanced security characteristics, which causes hindrances in downloading or installing other software. You would not like the scarcity here. Do not worry.

You do not necessarily have to remove one to keep the other one. You can keep them both. All you got to do is turn off software scanning for a while, and then you can switch it on again.  

How to Turn Off Avast? 

Following are the major procedures that might help you in how to turn off Avast in your system: 

Step 1:

Do you have it on your Windows operating device? You can see a small icon to the right bottom of your screen in your Windows taskbar. Right-click on that orange icon.

There will be a list of options from which you select “Avast shields control.” There will be periods asking you till when you want it disabled.

The choices are of 10 minutes, 1 hour, until restart of your system or permanently. Could you choose one of them? 

Step 2:

The next step is very easy. A dialogue box will show for confirmation of your choice. All you need to do is tap YES on what option you have chosen. After that, your Avast scan will be switched off till your desired and set time.  

Step 3:

This one is an optional step. It is about how to check whether your wish gets fulfilled or not. Go to the main Window of Avast. If you see the status labeled as red, it means your work becomes done.

The same step is for getting it back again. Click on the green box saying “resolve” to have it back to protect. 

Another Method

Sometimes you may not be required to turn off the Avast software completely. Only some shields’ turning off works well. For switching off securities, follow the following steps: 

Step 1: 

Go to Avast’s same orange icon from the Windows taskbar and double click on it to open the Avast program. Go to Protection, then core shields.

It will appear all the shields’ options on your screen. Then select your desired shield and swipe its switcher. It will ask the same choice of period till when to turn off.  

Step 2: 

You can visit the software, and you will see the shields labeled as red and switcher on the “off” option. You can successfully turn it back on when your procedure will finish.

Wait till it gives you the verification of getting back to work, and a text of “You are protected” on your screen will pop up. 

The above steps are for your temporary actions. You can turn it off permanently through Control Panel too.  


Try not to turn it off if you are unsure about your installation or what you are doing.  

Another issue arises when your computer, due to some malware, may ask you to turn off the scanning or some of its shields. Never turn it off unknowingly and have a check whether it is switched on or not.  


Avast is quite a useful and essential virus protection software that you should get on your system. It has so much to offer to you, and expect nothing in return from you.

It has performed tremendously after its launch and fulfilling the tasks till now. Keep it updated to get rid of any viruses. Now you have sufficient knowledge about how to turn off Avast and how to switch it back again.

You can also turn off either one or two of its securities for a specific time and task and remember to turn it on again.

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