How to Design a Gaming Room?


Are you an enthusiastic gamer wanting to design an epic gaming room for yourself? Admittedly, the idea is very exciting, but there are a lot of things you will have to consider.

A gaming room doesn’t consist of only a PC and a chair. While the basic setup includes a gaming chair, a keyboard, and a mouse, a gaming desk, a monitor, and the PC itself.

A lot of other accessories and gadgets are required if you want to have a proper gaming room. Whether you are beginning from scratch or redecorating your old gaming room, our ideas will surely help you along the way. We have made a list of things you need to learn how to design a gaming room.

Gaming Desk

One of the very first things you need to get is a PC gaming desk. You can decide on the desk size and shape according to your room space and your personal preference.

You will need a wide table spacious enough to accommodate your accessories like the monitors, mouse, keyboard, etc.

The wiser choice would be to go for a table with shelves and drawers underneath the desk. These little spaces are very useful for keeping your CPU, games, controllers, etc.

Some desks come with the option of cup-holders so that you can enjoy a good drink whilst you play without worrying about spills.

Once you have decided the type of table you want, the next step is to find which spot is best suitable to fit your gaming desk. Also, make sure that the area beneath the desk is enough for you to fit your legs comfortably. Here are some PC gaming desks that you can set up in your gaming room 2021.

Gaming Chair

To enjoy your gaming experience properly, you need a recliner chair or a bean bag so you can play in a comfortable position. Gamers tend to stay in their chairs for long hours glued to their consoles and PC.

Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you have the right kind of chair. So that you don’t hurt your body from staying in the same position for hours. Gaming chairs are available in rocker and floor styles. Recliners are the most common types of gaming chairs.

They provide more support in comparison to floor chairs. On the other hand, floor chairs are relatively more comfortable. There are a lot of varieties and styles in color, material, and shapes that you can choose from. You can choose your gaming chair according to the theme you have decided for your gaming room.

Here are a few impressive gaming chairs you might like for your gaming room 2021.

Gamig Chairs

ASUS TUF Gaming Monitor

Gaming monitors are important to add to your space to make it look like the best gaming room. Monitors provide a bigger and better display and also free up your laptop or PC for guides or live chats.

Step up your level by adding one or more monitor screens in your gaming room to enjoy a truly phenomenal gaming experience. Gaming monitors are designed in order to enhance the output of your graphics card and CPU to the fullest. Different monitors provide different qualities of color, motion, and image sharpness.

You can figure out what works best for you and choose your gaming monitor. These monitors not only allow a real-time experience but also make your gaming room look cooler by ten folds.

Go through the gaming monitors we have suggested for your gaming room 2021, and see what works right for you.

LED Strip Lighting

What is a gaming room without a touch of aesthetic lighting? LED strip lights take your gaming room to the very next level. You can change the color of these lighting according to your mood and setting, or you can also sync them with music in your room.

On the whole, these LED strip lights give a dope vibe that your gaming room most definitely needs. You can stick them with your table outline or on your walls and even your ceiling. Create the perfect immersive atmosphere that every gamer needs in their room.

Wi-Fi Gaming Router

Using the shared Wi-Fi in your house can be a bit annoying. Games usually need a fast internet when you’re playing online. Especially if you’re playing in multi-player mood with your friends and the internet start buffering, that can be a real bummer. So instead, for your convenience you should get a wireless connection that connects directly to the console.

Cables Setup

A gaming room has a lot of wires and gizmos and your room can become a tangled hell if these aren’t taken care of. To prevent this mess, you can either nail all the wires in specific spots or zip lock them. Furthermore, you can also set the cables behind the racks or connect them with an extension cable to reach a power socket.

Cables Setup

Other Decorative Ideas

Blackout Curtains

Block out any outside light by putting up blackout curtains. These also minimize the glare on your screen and save your eyes from strain while giving you the perfect setting to play your games.

Neon Signs

Step up your room décor game by adding a badass neon sign. You can put up a customized neon sign with your initial, or choose any symbols that would look cool in your gaming room.

Poster and Sticker

You can add cool graphic posters on your walls and it will definitely look like the best gaming room. Moreover, you can put stickers of your favourite character on your consoles, CPU and other accessories. Posters and stickers definitely give a more personalized vibe to your gaming room.


You can also get the figurines of your favourite game characters in different spots to enhance the look of your gaming room.


To enjoy maximum surround sound while you play, getting a speaker for your room would be a great idea. But you should also get sound proofing to make sure the noise doesn’t disturb other outside your room.

The ambiance of a gaming room is crucial. Therefore, you should know well how to design a gaming room. Using the ideas and suggestion that we have carefully provided for you, you can design your best gaming room.

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