The Windows 10 Bug That Caused Games to Crash


With the new Windows 10, a minority of gamers have faced random crashes to the games they love. There was an internal Windows 10 bug that caused game crashes and screen to go black for no apparent reason.

Whenever they would play on full-screen or tablet mode, the game would crash for a few users. This optional update solves the problem.

The Patch KB4598291

Microsoft has released an optional update, which fixes this bug. This patch is known as KB4598291, fixes this bug, which causes the crashes. Those users that are not affected do not need to update their device.

The Patch KB4598291

What Does it Fix

  • In addition to fixing the bug that crashes games, this update also fixes an issue with the Alt+Tab feature. Some users faced this, causing them to switch to a random window instead of the one they desired. That was annoying for many users as it defeats the purpose of the shortcut.
  • Another issue faced by some users was that they were unable to open a document on the Windows desktop. They were unable to open any document on their desktop, which prevented a lot of people from being able to work. Another issue faced was a blank lock screen that was displayed after the hibernate function. These issues have also been fixed.
  • An issue, which caused users to be signed out of apps after restarting their system, has also been fixed. This issue was extremely annoying, as you had to sign in to all your apps over and over again every time you turned off your device.

How do I Install It

Microsoft has launched this new patch for Windows 10, which is currently a ā€˜Cā€™ release preview. This basically means that it is an optional update, only those needing it to opt for it. This also means that you will have to search for it to fix your issues.

This update can be done via Windows Update, or you can head to Settings, click on Security and then click on Windows Update.

Once you have reached the Windows 10 Update, navigate to optional updates, and you will find the link. Upon clicking the link, you can install the new update. This will hopefully fix the many issues.

Should I Install this Update

If you face any of these issues above, you must install this patch, as these bugs are incredibly annoying.

However, if you are not experiencing any of these problems, it may be better not to install this optional update. It is better not to install unnecessary updates as sometimes these patches can have unintended consequences.


The issues of game crashes PC faced by a minority of users can hopefully now be fixed with this optional update. Gamers and people who work both had to face extremely annoying and time-consuming issues.

Along with being signed out of every app, these issues needed to be patched quickly. Microsoft did exactly that with the optional update that solves all these issues. Let us hope that there are no unknown side effects of this update.

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