How to Use the Viral Zoom cat Filter in Your Video Calls


If you have been active on social media, you might have encountered the viral zoom cat video. The lawyer accidentally turned himself into a feline during an important zoom meeting.

So now you probably want to surprise your friends with this zoom filter and want to have fun with this as well.

To get more into applying and using zoom filters, we will go through how to enable them and how you can use the Snap Camera app to have the same result as the lawyer in the video.

Zoom Filter

Some default filters are included in the zoom app, so if you want some fun just on the surface, there is absolutely no need to download any third-party app.

Zoom Filter

The following steps will help you enable zoom filters:

  • Sign in and download the zoom desktop client
  • Make sure that your webcam is connected to Zoom (Low quality or damaged webcams may not operate properly with the filter)
  • Open the Zoom Desktop Client
  • Now go to Settings > Background and Filters, which you will find on the left side of the dialogue box

You can apply a Background, Screenshot, or Video using the Virtual Background tab.

If you haven’t used this setting before, you will be requested to download the zoom filter. If you have a green screen, then the effect of this background is great.

You want to experiment and look for zoom filters to download or want to replicate the zoom cat filter, then using the third-party app Snap Camera is the best option for you.

Snap Camera

Live Cam Avatar seems to be the software used by a lawyer in the video to transform into a cat. It’s a pretty old app that was formerly built on some Dell machines.

You may not just have one of those computers sitting around, of course, so we’re going to suggest the next best option.

Snap Camera is what we’re going to recommend using instead. This is an interface from Snapchat that helps users to add filters of that app to their webcam.

Snap Camera

Downloading Snap Camera

It has plenty of features for you to hang out or prank your friends with; the following are the steps to download Snap Camera:

  • Download Snap Camera from its websites; you will need a PC running Windows 10 or a Mac with Version 10.31 or later.
  • The installation process is very important; make sure to give the app permission to access your camera and microphone.
  • If you are using any apps that use your microphone or camera, you will have to close them.
  • Once downloaded, open up Snap Camera and select the filter you desire, probably the iconic zoom cat.
  • Now open and up to zoom and go to settings by clicking the gear icon on the top right corner
  • Go to Videos and Click on Camera
  • In the drop-down options, select Snap Camera, and you are good to go

Now start the meeting, and your selected filter will be applied.


This is a great application to Animorph your face into almost any animal. Unfortunately, the lawyer’s specific zoom cat filter is only available on older dell webcam.

So, unless you have a Dell PC and a webcam from around 2010, you cannot mimic the exact filter. But because of the hype, who knows, it might get available.


The zoom cat filter is not available, but there is may to experiment with; these steps will direct you to get the best result similar to the zoom cat and might excite you up for your next meeting as well.

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