How to Connect the Smartwatch with a Smartphone in 2020?


Owning a smartwatch and looking for how to connect the smartwatch with a smartphone in 2020? This problem arises a lot when using it for the first time.

Obviously, how can you do it without any prior knowledge? It has become a trend these days. People even keep on searching “how to connect a smartwatch with a smartphone in 2020”.

Therefore, they provide their product and make sure they have an effective marketing tactic that makes it demanding even before the launch.

Apple, Sony, Samsung, and Huawei have shared a lot of contributions in unveiling the best smartwatch to connect with a smartphone. It usually has a touch screen interface. It is much more than just a watch.

Clicking with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can give you access to function almost the same as your smartphone through your watch.

Following are some steps and methods you should read to get an idea of how to connect smartwatch with a smartphone in 2020:

How to Connect the Smartwatch with Android Phone?

Primary Pairing via Bluetooth

You can’t get any other more straightforward method of “how to connect the smartwatch with a smartphone in 2020” than this one.

All you need to do is;

  • Click on the settings of your phone.
  • Go to the Bluetooth and switch it on.
  • You will be getting the nearby Bluetooth connections. If not, turn on your discoverable mode.
  • Now it is time to turn your smartwatch on before you start pairing.
  • Now the suggesting devices names will appear. Select when your stopwatch name appears.
  • Verify the given code through your smartphone and watch and enjoy.

Use of SpeedUp Smartwatch

To make this method work, you first require to download the SpeedUp smartwatch app. After that, follow these steps:

  • Download the app through AppStore/ PlayStore.
  • Enable your Bluetooth by going in the settings. Turn on your discoverable mode.
  • After launching the app, launch the app and follow all the instructions for the connection.
  • Search your device name in the discoverable devices. After finding it, start pairing your device via the app.
  • Keep your ‘Turn on notification’ option on mobile to get the notification when paired.

How to Connect the Smartwatch with iOS?

Apple iOS mobiles work the best in it. Apple watches are considered to be among the best smartwatch to connect with a smartphone. Also, to connect your iOS phone to your smartwatch, read the given steps:

  • Do not forget to charge your smartwatch before start connecting.
  • Select your language in your watch.
  • When you keep your watch close to your phone, it will notify you to connect your watch.
  • You will get a pairing code on your watch.
  • Your given code on the phone will be matching with your smartwatch. Match it and then touch pair. After some time, it will provide you with notification of connecting.
  • Follow the steps on your screen to get access to calendar and location access, turn on notifications on the watch, etc.
  • If your phone is connected to your watch, your watch will download the updates (if any) and start updating automatically. Make sure your watch stays charged and smartphone in the vicinity of the phone when updating.


The trend of smartwatches is continually increasing. Everyone wants to get this gadget in their hands. People buy it then they search how to use it.

Google searches are outflowing with ‘How to connect your smartwatch with a smartphone in 2020’. Furthermore, connecting it is no big deal. Just a couple of seconds and some touches on the screen.

Also, you can attach more than one watch to your phone. You can unpair your watch through the factory reset option in the setting app in iOS. For android, unpair it through the settings menu in Wear OS by Google app.

For more information about smartphone and smartwaches check other blog posts on our website.