IOS 14.5 Updates and Changes That You Need to Know

IOS 14.5 is bringing some significant changes to the iPhone platform that every iPhone user should know.

These will not be as revolutionary as the IOS 15, but these changes are still pretty significant.

Now that we will not be seeing any news about IOS 15 until September, this update is worth being hyped for.

IOS 14.5 is accessible in beta for now, but we have used it, and so we brought you the best changes in IOS 14.5 update that will make your experience even better.

Mask Support for Face ID

Yes, it’s been nearly a year since the Coronavirus outbreak, and we are finally receiving the mask support for the Face ID.

Unfortunately, it does not exactly work as it sounds you will need an Apple watch for it to work.

We know it’s a bummer, and we have moved on to using pin codes, but if you own an Apple watch, it’s a great seamless experience.

You will now use Apple Watch to authenticate your identity on your phone, as long as it is unlocked.

As if to use Face ID, you will easily raise your phone, and it will open, with a buzz on your wrist to remind you your watch did the heavy lifting.

However, while this will work to open your iPhone, other items that depend on Face ID, such as authenticating transactions, are not currently Supported.

A Default Music Player of Your Choice

You’re stuck with Apple Music as the default music player on iOS 14.4 and below, but the iOS 14.5 beta now lets you change it.

When you first submit a song to Siri, it asks you the player you want to use with Spotify enabled, and then default that player so you won’t have to choose a player every time.

The beta edition appears to have some teething issues and does not work for people reliably.

Still, hopefully, these problems can be ironed out in time for the completed version of iOS 14.5.

New Privacy Policy

New Privacy Policy

A significant new privacy feature called App Tracking Transparency is also planned for iOS 14.5.

This allows the software to be approved before sharing your location and data with other businesses’ websites and apps.

This exchange of data is also used in advertising, such as Facebook. Still, with App Transparency, you can opt-out if you wish, and Apple maintains that even if users opt-out, they will have unlimited access to applications.

More Controller Support

More Controller Support

If you like to play games on Apple Arcade or your iPhone in general, you will appreciate this IOS 14.5 update.

Now PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Controllers are supported with your beloved iPhones.

This is only available in public beta for now, but soon you will have this on your phone as well.

If Apple is introducing to their iPhones and iPads, chances are you can expect this on tvOS as well. We haven’t heard any news about it yet, but we can hope.

Accident Reporting in Apple Maps

Accident Reporting in Apple Maps

Finally, Apple Maps collects notifications of injuries from crowdsourcing. The functionality has been loaded on iOS 14.5 beta and allows a crash, risk or speed trap on the road to be registered.

For Google Maps, the same common characteristics were available and were the staple of Waze, but Apple Maps introduced a new item – hands-free reporting.

You will use Siri to report something in your way. E.g., “Hey, Siri, there’s a crash up ahead.”

Dual SIM 5G Support

Dual SIM 5G Support

With IOS 14.5, iPhone 12 users now accept dual SIM worldwide, meaning you can use the traditional SIM slot on your telephone and wireless eSIM to provide two service lines on the same phone. Previously only in mainland China was this support available.

Expected Release Date for IOS 14.5

Apple won’t reveal publicly when a new iOS update is to be launched, but we can follow some tips and clues to guess its launch date.

Since the iOS 14.5 developer beta was launched on Feb, 1, and soon after, the public beta was released, and an update is announced every once a month, we can hope to see the final release version of iOS 14.5 in Late February at some point.

How to Download the iOS 14.5 Public Beta?

  • You must first need to sign up for Apple’s Beta Software Service if you want to update the iOS 14.5 public beta and check out any newer features.
  • Go to and Sign Up. Your Apple ID and password must be entered and accept  terms of service. 
  • Go to iOS, and under Get Started, click on enroll your Apple device. More instructions on how to do it can be found from there.
  • Now on your device, go to the Configuration > App updates (once you are part of the program). You will see an iOS 14.5 Public Beta ready to be downloaded.

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