Best Android Chess Games You Should Know About


Chess is the oldest game that people still play. You can go for simple gaming with your friends cheering your mind, or another option is to get engage with a super active chess competitive community.

The best point about chess games that you can learn it easily but mastering it is a tricky thing. This makes you learn new things about the game years later as you start.

Types of Android Chess Games

If you are a chess lover, so there are some best android chess games you can play on your android phones.

Chess by Al Factory Limited

This is a best android chess game for all chess lovers. It equips all the basic features with 12 levels of difficulty, and the chess game has casual playing modes and pro play modes, leader boards, achievements, and cloud saving.

This chess games has a relatively simple interface with weight board themes. Its free version does not have in-app purchases. however, some ads will pop-up. 

Chess Tactics Pro

Chess Tactics Pro

This one is a unique chess game because of its unlikeness to other such games. It does not offer you things like standard chess. Apart from this, the game has a lot of chess puzzles for you.

The feature this chess game android boasts are offline puzzle packs that is available as in-app purchases, daily online puzzles, modes, and a lot more things.

It claims for the difficulty in some challenges and makes it reach to ELO 2000+, and this is about how much far it can go. 

Actually, it is something great for challenging your skills and getting known for new tricks. You can download this one of the best android chess games for free.

However, if you want new things to be a part of it, then you can pay cash and get additional features from the option of in-app purchases. 

Droidfish Chess

Droidfish Chess

Droidfish game is one of the popular Stockfish best android chess games having GUI over the top. The game equips a significant number of power features, increasing user experience. PGN, EPD, and FEN support are included in it too.

Also, this chess game support Syzygy and Gaviota table bases and support other engine apps. Similar to others, you can also adjust the difficulty level by changing the strength of the engine.

It is a genuine recommendation for serious chess players. Alongside, it is free of cost without any in-app purchases or ads. Easily, it is the trickiest chess game android. 



iChess is an excellent choice for all those who play chess casually. It is quite similar to the game Chess Tactics Pro. Most of the time, you need to complete puzzles related to chess.

Its best feature is that all of its puzzles are offline, and it allows you to bring your own too. Also, the chess game android supports PGN puzzle files but note that you can’t bring CBH files.

The puzzles get arrange themselves by the level of difficulty, and the levels are three from which you can choose from. Its free version has ads, but you can pay to get rid of those. 



Lichess is another one of the best android chess game that people play. What makes it different is the feature letting you play chess online against other players.

The player base of this game is more than 150,000 players. Its player base makes it relatively easy for everyone to find a game with a person having the same skill level. 

Apart from this, it has a lot of gaming modes, game stats visible to you, and tournaments. It allows you to play offline against the computer if you want.

The application is available in 80 different languages offering versatility for different region players. The best part about Lichess is it’s no cost without even ads or in-app purchases.

It is an open-source app allowing you to see the way it works. For sure, a great game for all chess lovers. 

Chess Repertoire Trainer

Actually, this android chess game is a training app. It is a guide for you to learn good chess opening and transition from opening to the mid-game. The tool notes the way you move and instantly move for targeting your weakness and mistakes.

This way, it helps you get better with time. It has some flashcards with a random opening to begin your play. It only supports PNG file format and makes use of the famous Stockish chess engine. You can get this for free, but its pro version has a lot more features. 

Final Words

So, here are the best android chess games you can get on your android devices. The chess game is a tricky game that everyone cannot master, so playing such games makes your mind faster and efficient in working.

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