Keeping Up to Date with your Two-Way Radio Communication

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Two-way radio communication is seen by many businesses as a must have item to get through the working day. They provide additional communication support and safety for staff working across different locations.

The latest two-way radios from Motorola Solutions, the R2 and R7 range is replacing the popular DP1400 and DP4400e models. These powerful new radios combine professional audio quality at the push of a button in a durable, user-friendly design.

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A great option for business professionals and, thanks to their rugged construction is also perfect for use in extreme conditions.

Why is it Important to Keep Your radios Up to Date?

There is nothing better than having a great, reliable two-way radio fleet you can depend on. A radio, if treated correctly will provide years of use for individuals before having to be replaced. Regular checks and preventive measures can help identify wear and tear, allowing for timely repairs or replacements.

Two Way Radios can serve as a lifeline for various industries, including public safety, security, construction, hospitality, manufacturing and more.

Keeping your two-way radio fleet updated, allows organisations to adapt to evolving communication standards. Ensuring compatibility with new equipment and systems that may be adopted in the future.

The new models from Motorola are fully compatible with the entire MOTOTRBO range. So, you don’t need to worry if you have an existing fleet you’d like to add to. The Motorola R2 and R7 series will work effortlessly alongside your current MOTOTRBO radios.

What Makes the R2 & R7 the next generation of two-way radio?  

Motorola R2

The Motorola R2 will keep users connected all day and also block out background noise. Making your work day run more efficiently. Replacing the popular DP1400 model, the R2 is a fitting replacement, providing next level communication.

Key Features

  • Lone Worker
  • Emergency Alert
  • Blocks out background noise for perfect audio quality
  • IP55 rated

Enhanced Design

Unlike previous models the R2 doesn’t require a dust cover to protect the device from corrosion.

Who can use the Motorola R2?

Meeting military spec MIL-STD 80, the R2 is a professional model designed for businesses who require seamless communication that won’t fail.

Sectors that would use the R2 include; construction, security, warehousing, manufacturing and more!

Motorola R7 Range

Available in a several different versions, the Motorola R7 range is packed with the latest in two-way radio technology. The successor to the flagship DP4000 radio line, business professionals can depend on the R7 range to deliver.

Key Features

  • Man Down (Included in Premium Models)
  • Emergency Alert/ Lone Worker
  • IP66 rated (water jet pressure)
  • IP68 rated (waterproof for 2 metres for up to 2 hours)

Robust Construction

The rugged housing of the R7 range is resistant to decontamination and disinfect substances, so wont damage the device over time. It also saves any additional cost purchasing protective covers for the radios.

Where can I buy the new Motorola Radios?

Now available at SFL Mobile Radio, the Motorola R2 & R7 range is already seeing a high demand for business professionals. As certified Motorola Platinum partners, SFL have a team of dedicated engineers and customer support staff, who will work with you throughout the entire process. Even apply for an Ofcom licence for the radios on your behalf, if you already have an existing licence, they will be programmed to work alongside this.

Have your new Motorola radios ready to use, as soon as they arrive! Give the team a call on 0151 334 9160 to discuss your requirements.