Dbrand Designed and Release Matte Black PS5 Plates in the Market


When the PS5 came into the market it has a very unique design and color as well. PS5 comes only in white color. Some fans like this PS5 cover. But some fans want Sony to launch more PlayStation colors.

There are many skins and wraps available for PS5 in the market but there is something unique launched in the market by the Dbrand.

Dbrand is very popular in making the customized skins for consoles and everything. Dbrand launches the matte black PS5 plates in the market for the PlayStation 5 fans.

This design is very unique and stylish and gives a very cool look to your PS5. This is design is getting huge popularity in the gaming community.

The texture on PS5 plates is similar to the texture of the PS5 controller buttons. There are also plain yellow and plain white color options are available for this PS5 matte black plate.

They are also providing options of the glossy black color of the darkplates for the middle section of the PlayStation 5. Robot Camo and Red Code like patterns are also available for the texture design.

The price of the one set of matte black PS5 plates is 49$ plus the shipping charges. The price of the middle plate for the PS5 is 60.95$.

The delivery of these PS5 plates will start in February and afterward.We can say that these plates will get huge popularity among the fans as the design is very cool and unique. This design will give a very cool look to your PS5 console.

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