3 Reasons Your Business Can Benefit From VoIP Phones

3 Reasons Your Business Can Benefit From VoIP Phones

Phones are a ubiquitous part of everyday life, and the same is true for businesses. Whether you need to hop on a conference call with an international client or you’re trying to troubleshoot an issue for a guest and need multiple coworkers on the line to assist you, phone calls are inescapable nowadays.

While phones are a necessary part of doing business, what you don’t want is poor quality on your calls: Static, low volume, or dropped signal. VoIP can solve these issues since Voice over Internet Protocol requires only a fast, reliable internet connection to operate.

If you’re looking into specifics on how VoIP phones work, there are excellent resources available, such as this guide by Ooma on VoIP phones. There are multiple reasons to switch from copper-wire landline infrastructure, which was the standard for decades, to internet-based phone services like VoIP.

Here are three reasons you should consider making the switch.

1. Cost Effective

Traditional phone line infrastructure uses copper wire, and it costs a lot to repair, replace, and maintain these lines. If your office phone lines need to be updated, such as when you renovate or expand your office space, it can require a lot of labor and money to upgrade with copper-wire lines.

However, with VoIP, all you need is a reliable, high-speed internet connection and an Ethernet port. These are far easier and more cost-effective to install and replace. Plus, there are also Wi-Fi-enabled options for VoIP phones, similar to Wi-Fi calling on your cell phone.

2. Scalable For Your Business Needs

If you’re aiming to grow your business, chances are you’ll need to hire more people or build more office space — or maybe upgrade to a larger commercial building. With VoIP phones, the move is easy.

Close up Telephone Landline at Office Concept

You keep your numbers, you can add phones and extensions, and it all remains cost-effective for your business. Because VoIP relies on the internet, you can grow and expand your workforce exponentially without breaking the bank in the process.

3. Reliability

If you have a copper-wire landline, and it breaks, the phone is out of commission until repairs are made — not a situation you want to deal with when on an important call! With VoIP, if one line drops due to a unit being unplugged or another issue, the system can automatically route the call to the next available device.

Never worry about getting dropped from a conference call or being down a phone if something happens when you use VoIP for your business needs.