How to Earn Money on BIGO?


BIGO Live is a trending live streaming platform that allows users to share live moments with their followers. This Singapore-based application has gained widespread popularity due to its interesting features. The question is How to Earn Money on BIGO?

This application is significantly popular in Southeast Asia, Russia, Spain, the USA, and Middle-east. BIGO Live allows users to attract an audience by showcasing their talents.

While the platform is a source of entertainment for most, it is also a source of income for many people. The most frequently asked question is how to earn money in BIGO Live and the answer is quite simple.

You need to make content that would attract viewers. The more viewers or followers you have, the more money you can make.

Tricks to Gain Popularity on BIGO

On BIGO Live, if the audience likes your content then they can send you multiple gifts in the form of stickers. These gifts can be cashed out or stored in the wallet.

On average you can earn between $140 to $10,000 depending on your followers and content. BIGO is famous for its easy-to-use interface and several other interesting features.

It allows users to earn money using their abilities and talents. To learn how to earn money on BIGO, you need to identify your talents first.

See what you are good at and how you can use your strengths to gain followers. Think big and try to be distinctive. Nobody likes to see repetitive content, so you need to figure out how you can be different from others.

BIGO is a social-media app meant for entertainment purposes, hence all you need to do is entertain. Using this platform, you can showcase your unique talents like singing, dancing, music, and much more.

The app has features like a game center where you can play live games online. It also has free education channels for learning or teaching, and the option of video calling.

The viewers can join your live streaming and send you coins or gifts which you can turn into cash later. They will give you real money which you can deposit in your bank accounts. It is a safe way to earn money.

Identify your talents and show them to the world using the BIGO app. The easiest way to figure out how to earn money from BIGO is to make the best use of your abilities and skills to gain a broad audience.

Once you have attracted your audience, you’ll need to keep their interest heightened by being consistently active. You need to share multiple videos per day so that people don’t forget you.

The more content you create, the higher are the chances of your visibility. You can also collaborate with other influential figures to achieve fame. You can request them to give you a shout-out so their audience can help you collect more views.

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How to Convert Gifts and Coins into Cash?

The gifts and coins that you receive from your viewers get stored in the gifts and coins tab of your profile. In that tab, there will be an option to convert these into money.

The money can only be converted after you have accumulated a certain amount. In BIGO Live while doing a live broadcast, you will be able to see some features on the screen such as diamonds, beans, and the number of viewers.

We can make money on BIGO live app using beans and diamonds.  The current exchange rate on the app is 210 beans for US$1. To cash out, the streamer needs to have at least 6,700 beans in their account.

Famous BIGO Live Users

Top Global Champion RCT_Khan from Indonesia who received multiple awards made a grand entrance and received special attention worthy of a celebrity.

He said that he had never expected to win, but now that he has, he attributes his success to his 2.2 million followers. RCT_khan emphasized being consistent and friendly with the viewers to gain followers.

He is a versatile broadcaster who plays games online and also talks to his viewers. Famous Pakistani singer Naseebo Lal also joined the app during the pandemic.

She would go live for several hours with her band to perform on-demand. Several other performers all around the world have taken to BIGO live to exhibit their talents. The application has been a major source of income for many artists during these trying times.

BIGO Live continues to gain worldwide prevalence because of its fantastic features. Moreover, global viewership has shown rapid growth, especially during the pandemic.

This is high time for you to use BIGO app as a mean of earning and reveal your talents to the world. It’s not hard to understand how to make money on BIGO.

You should do what you enjoy and be consistent. You can earn on BIGO by connecting with your followers while baking a cake or jamming to your favorite songs.

You can video call other users and go live with them, sing your heart out, flirt, show your exquisite dance moves, and much more.

Your goal must be to enjoy what you’re doing and make sure your audience is keenly interested as well. That way, you can earn more coins, gifts, beans, and diamonds, and also love from your followers.

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